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Abortion/Parents legality?
Your parent cannot force you to have an abortion I dont believe. That would be thrown out in court (if it was taken to court) very quickly. If both are under the age of consent nothing can happen legally...if you mean one of them getting in legal trouble for having sex with the other?

How do pro-choicers feel about sex-selective abortion?
Sex-selective abortion is most prevalent in countries where having daughters is less desirable than sons, and where male children are more prized than female children. Take India, for example. Because they still engage in the practice of the dowry- a practice that is only growing more lavish...

Why does God hate abortion, when he aborts us?
<> God does not abort us. <> I knew it. . . having NOT read further I can tell your demeanor has the flavor of an unbeliever. So be it. This physical temporal existence we're living right now. . . do you really think that's all there is? As long as one might live here, there's an eternal realm...

Is there any correlation between circumcision and abortion viewpoints?
I'm anti-infant circumcision, and my viewpoint on abortion is that I personally think it's wrong, HOWEVER, I support a woman's right to have one. So I'm pro-choice, but I personally would not have an abortion. Why do I think abortion is wrong? Because it's irresponsible, and, in my opinion...

How successful is Vitamin C and Dong Quai against pregnancy?
Period, fairly high over about 5 days. Abortion, only about 33% if you're less than 5 weeks pregnant. However I do have friends who have used this method successfully on untested late periods.