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Question about infection from abortion?
Both of you should wash well before hand. If you have any pain during intercourse, stop immediately. Watch out for fever, abdominal pain that persists, chills and dizziness - those are the typical signs fo infection. You should have received antibiotics after your abortion procedure as a precautionary...

Is it a coincidence that the GOP only talks about abortion during campaign season?
I'm not sure that's true - the congress passed the "partial birth abortion" ban (I thought it was passed several times - Clinton vetoed it, Bush signed it - maybe not the 109th congress, but one of them), the "Born Alive Infant Protection act" (a version of which Barack Obama worked against...

When did abortion become legal in the United States? *What was the Roes vs. Wade Supreme Court decision? *?
Roe v. Wade (1973) is a U.S. Supreme Court case that resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion. according to the Roe decision, most laws against abortion in the United States violated a constitutional right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. the decision...

Boyfriend wants me to get an abortion!?
I already gave you 1 answer. I've never had or tried to have an abortion but I doubt they'll help you out like that. You can tell them the situation and they will probably say they will let you call the police and they will protect you until the police come. I have to say, I'm second guessing...

Can Horses get abortions?
I bet that this is a fake question. But if your being serious the aswer is no. You shouldn't kill your horse instead you should sell the baby.