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Im getting an abortion, what will....?
I had an abortion 6 months ago, regardless of what some people say it was the right decision for me and as heartless as it sounds I haven't looked back. As far as the process and recovery goes, I was put under iv sedation and 15 minutes later it was all over. I was a bit woozy and had period...

United States History Questions?
A hypocritical country who sold weapons during world war to both sides and got rich.. a country where it's appointed leaders kill their own people(9/11), a country which attacks poor and unarmed countries like Afghanistan and Iraq for oil but is scared to death to attack countries like North...

There should be national abortion day, for women to celebrate their freedom. agree?
I disagree. Perhaps a "Personal Freedom Day" to be recognized by anyone that wants to celebrate religous freedoms, sexual freedoms, or even the freedom to wear white after Labor Day if I wanna. But not specific to abortion, it's a bit narrow-minded so would definitely not add to my days off...

CATHOLICS Only: Does Catholic Theology Allow You to Support Abortion?
Catholics might with equal reason invoke Article 6 of the Catechism to support any number of things expressly forbidden by God, and these Catholics would be sadly mistaken in doing so. The article in its entirety must be read for a full understanding of the Church's teaching on conscience....

I want to know what people think of adoption vs. abortion??
Every abortion kills an innocent human being. Every abortion is murder. See: Photos of abortions: A four-minute, must-see video on abortion: Information on all aspects of abortion: Photos...