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Philosophy paper over abortion?
What is murder? Taking the life of an innocent person for ones own purposes. What is abortion? The life of an unborn child is "terminated" (which is a PC way of saying the unborn child is killed). Here's a couple of short articles: Abortion and Human Rights -

Which of these arguments best supports abortion?
1 is just an opinion 2. abortion obviously controls births 3. no one can tell someone else what to do with their body 4. one satan spawn walking earth is enough >>>>>>>>>>5<<<<<<<<<<<<<,

Abortion vs Adoption..:(?
I totally understand where he is coming from. I'd rather have a first trimester abortion than to give away my child to possibly never see her again. Just saying LIFE doesn't mean much when you compare the 2, the embryo and a baby. I can not give away someone I carried and learned to love and...

Medical abortion loads off blood!?
I would call the clinic where you had the procedure done and tell them what is going on, after this procedure, you are expected to have some clots, and some bleeding, and you can't lift anything over 7lbs. Another thing is that sometimes after this procedure is done, they get the whole fetus...

When oil finish from middle east?
2042? pray to the highest benevolent power for help. why do you think she decided to split all of a sudden? she'd gotten the rotten idea to try and oppose the beautiful truth before and i was banned before i could elicit a confession of my domination. khelma hoo haw kin sheesh wa hoo ha malechk...