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Protesters? Abortion Clinic?
try to avoid the protesters,and not speak with them, it is your decision. you should be able to go beck to school the same week, it will depend how you will feel, and back to cheer leading after a month, i think but you should ask for better answer the doctor! (i don't like the abortions,...

Pregnant but boyfriend wants abortion?
Hey hun. This is your decision. Don't let people tell you or make you feel like you are forcing this on your boyfriend that you are blackmailing him into a situation he doesnt want to be in (I think thats what one stupid answer read). This wasn't planned and you didnt sit down and go 'oh wait...

I had a medical abortion 4 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding!!!!?
It's okay to be bleeding up to 6 weeks, as long as it is not severe bleeding that requires a pad every hour, good chances are that you DO NOT have an infection, it is just tissue that needs to come out, its not big or anything but its still there. Don't worry too much, I understand it's really...

Where can I get an abortion in California?
Califronia's Medicaid Offices - Get emergency coverage to pay for your abortion if you qualify Some other funding specifically for California - This will help you find a clinic that takes Medicaid/MediCal...

Which country was the first to legalize abortions?
Officially, Iceland was the first country to legalize abortions on January 28, 1935. England became the first country to officially ban abortion with the 1803 Irish Chalking Act. Before that, there were no official laws concerning abortion. In the US the first anti-abortion law was passed in...