Your View Of Kid Rock?

Your View Of Kid Rock?

Your View Of Kid Rock?


I like him. BA: I believe people should have the right to an abortion if they want, but I personally would not choose it. I think wars are evil and wish they would end. BA2: The Cure



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Why do Pro-Lifers always use photos of late term abortions as examples of abortion?
'll use Fox News as the source for this one, so the cons can't argue about my source: Only 100 abortions per year occur during the third trimester. That's including abortions which are performed on the advice of a doctor (usually to save the mother's life). Showing pictures of third trimester...

Abortion scarring how do they know?
You won't have scarring after an abortion unless there was a medical error such as the doctor punctures your uterus with an instrument, which you would definitely know of. A doctor won't be able to tell you have had an abortion from a physical exam. If the cervix was dilated for the abortion...

Which 7 of these 21 tasks should I complete in order to get a mix CD from my second BFF?
I think you need to dress like a homo (or like Go Cubs) and play air guitar in front of an abortion clinic.

How do abortions exploit women?
Oh it doesn't. You'll find that most arguments from the anti-choice side is more of what they do then what women having access to abortion does. You'll find that it's often the anti-choice side that exploits women. Particularly with crisis pregnancy centers that will do everything from BS patients...

Abortion Complications?
According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, less than 1 woman in 100 will have any type of complication, and serious complications are rare. For example, the risk of infection associated with early abortion, hemorrhage heavy enough to require a blood transfusion, or an instrument puncturing...