Your View Of Kid Rock?

Your View Of Kid Rock?

Your View Of Kid Rock?


I like him. BA: I believe people should have the right to an abortion if they want, but I personally would not choose it. I think wars are evil and wish they would end. BA2: The Cure



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12 week abortion, recovery time?
Sounds like she had a surgical abortion, its like an outpatient surgery its a very small surgrey which only takes 10mins to do, but the recovery time is what takes the most b/c the put her to sleep so it takes a while for recovery...if she went in at 930 and got out at 430 then it sounds like...

Pregnancy and Blue Cohosh? :(?
To abort an early pregnancy you would have to take 20 - 40 drops of blue cohosh every four hours for days if not a whole week and even that alone may not do it. Blue Cohosh and Herbal Abortion As it stands right now, you probably weren't given enough to...

Statistics say that Black women have the highest single mothers rate but yet the highest abortions?
Nubia, you dont have to be in a relationship for one night stands. It just means black chicks are always pregnant. It makes sense on an evolutionary scale also. They were the original mothers - which is why they have big bottoms.

Free abortion clinics in Salem Oregon?
Free abortion is an oxymoron - no such thing **Edit: Since when does Medicaid cover abortions?

Where can I find statistics on the use of contraception for cases of abortion?
The great purple hipppo is right, especially when those who do have an abortion most likely are too frightened by saying ''I didn't use contraception'' or ''I missed a few pills'' because they fear they will be judged(and they have right to be frightened, just look at the other answer you got)...