You voted for Obama when he goes against your religious/personal beliefs.......?

You voted for Obama when he goes against your religious/personal beliefs.......?

You voted for Obama when he goes against your religious/personal beliefs.......?


Uh huh. Do remember that Republicans are not against abortion, they are only trying to make it to where the government decides whether your baby lives or dies. Actually, the Bible is very much in favor of gun control, and in fact getting rid of all guns. Try reading the underlying principle found in Isaiah 2:4. And I don't know which black and Latino people you are thinking about, but the Republican party has gone off the deep end, and aren't in line with anyone's personal belief systems. They back the rich the most, but even the rich they are now messing with. How do the rich get rich? You'll hear Republicans say hard work, but that is just flat out wrong and common sense will tell you that. If it was hard work that made someone rich, illegal immigrants would be the richest people on the planet. What makes someone rich is when they can sell their products or services. Who are the most likely to buy products and services? The middle class, and the Republicans have been repeatedly voting to raise taxes on the middle class. Obama's policies have backed the growth of the middle class, and Republicans so hate him that they vote against policies that help the middle class, most notably lower their taxes, just to try to counter Obama on EVERYTHING. But if the middle class loses money, the rich take a hit also since that is less money available to their customers to buy the products and services of the rich. So not only do Republicans hurt the middle class, they also even hurt the rich they are so desperate to protect. The question is not why blacks and Latinos vote for Obama, but why the rich vote for Republicans. But this sentiment above holds only that one look solely at the political system of today and accept that we have two choices in Democrats and Republicans , and that Democrats are currently the ones with the least problematic ideas. One could argue we have third parties, but they are very limited in their policy scope, and even with those limitations they still have some bad ideas along with their sometimes good ones. But these ideas ignore reality. We don't just have political parties to look to for leadership. As you yourself said, we do have faith. So what does the Bible say on the matter? Well, you can listen to Jesus' recommendation at John 15:19- John 17:16, and John 18:36, which basically all say to BE NO PART OF THE WORLD, and that would especially mean its politics, which is how the world decides how its going to act and where it is going to go. You could read the Apostle John's warning at 1st John 5:19 that Satan controls the world and its political systems, including America's, and that you should avoid politics to avoid contact with Satan's world system. You could also read the Apostle John's warning that the "kings of the earth" (obviously, the world's politicians, including America's) sleep with Babylon the Great Harlot, and maybe you should avoid putting your support behind such individuals. In other words, even from the standpoint you've chosen thus far your sentiments are way off base, Obama is significantly better than what Republicans have been putting out both socially and economically...but even more importantly, if you are looking at it from a faith point-of-view and how God sees it, Obama's just the best of the worst humanity has to offer, and that you should let it ALL go and trust in the only government that can work: God's Kingdom.


Many people voted for Obama when his politics went with their religious and personal belief systems.


"gun control" is not a religious belief and Obama didn't lift a pinkie on gun control until the slaughter in connecticut demanded it. We the people demanded it, not him. Get your head on straight about that. As for the other questions, you presume that there are more "religious" people like you than actually exist. Spirituality takes many forms and believe me, it's changing fast in Amerca. Your kind of rigid and dogmatic religion is dying off.


We voted for Obama twice because he was the person who many believed to do the best job of all available candidates. See how that works?


Perhaps because they do not like the idea of a political party becoming a party of religion and would rather vote on other issues.


I vote AGAINST Hussein for the points you have listed. 95% of blacks voted for him because of his color with no regards for his agenda. Without a doubt all people sitting back receiving "freebies" and becoming gobby fat voted for him. All the Muslims, Hispanics and other ignorant people voted for him. The problem? MILLIONS OF LAZY *** WHITE PEOPLE SIT ON THERE ASSES AND DID NOT VOTE. There lies the basic problem and why the Majority did not rule.


Reality check= The election is over and Bishop Romney lost. Move on.


the lesser of two evil.


I didn't



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