Would small government "pro lifers" be prepared to deal with a society without abortion?

Would small government "pro lifers" be prepared to deal with a society without abortion?

Would small government "pro lifers" be prepared to deal with a society without abortion?


Go figure... I'm a small government, yet "pro choice" advocate. Well, to an extent. The world without the possibilty of abortion would be screwed. Rape victims, dead mothers AND babies, children who only live as veggies... Apart from these reasons I believe it to be immoral, but I also believe firmly that it's none of my buisness what other people decide. I do think there should be a limit. getting an abortion the day before your due date is wrong and should be considered murder, but within reason abortion is should be a right... One that I don't have to pay for, but a right all the same.


Abortion may very well reduce the incidence of child abuse, child neglect, and starvation. It may even reduce crime. I guess we could reduce all that even further if we murdered more people, say, every American born on an even numbered day of the month or everyone over 18 who is not currently employed or who has ever been convicted of a crime. That would reduce the "burden on public services." If people can't suffer when they are dead, is global genocide the best way to eliminate all suffering? Abortion is not a solution to the problems you have mentioned but a symptom. The real problem is that too many fathers are abandoning their children before they are born and far too many people are having sex before they are married. It is absent fathers and sex without marriage that creates more children than parents can handle. Murder is not the answer. States have a responsibility to protect all of their citizens today regardless of barbaric supreme court rulings. I agree we have to take steps, but lets start by requiring fathers to raise all their children with one woman before going on to another one. If he can't keep his commitment to her, then he cannot be trusted to father children with anyone else. Fixing men who are repeat offenders may be extreme, but it is a lot less extreme than pressuring mothers to apply the death penalty to their own innocent children. Ultimately, marriage should only be legal for couples who do not have children with anyone other than each other, and sex outside of marriage should be treated as a felony unless at least one of the partners is incapable of conceiving a child.


You jump to conclusions about these unaborted children being violent criminals, heck, the conclusion that they MAY be non violent criminals is enough in itself. The fact is most people are in prison are there for drug charges. I will guess many of those mothers have been separated from the children fathers over drug charges also. We need a 2 child per woman birth rate in order to maintain our population. Personally, I think women should have as many children as possible, as young as logical. Its a big problem, individuals who promote abortion (murder of primarily black babies), under the cause of 'preventing crime'. Its nothing short of racist eugenics, and it can only be promoted by yourself with very careful wording.


What that's ridiculous even for a liberal. You mean to say the drop out rate can be directly related in Mississippi to anti abortion rules? My answer is defiantly yes I would be willing to have a small government and be Pro-life regardless of the problems in Mississippi. What was the previous drop out rate?


Abortion should be mandated for all unmarried, those below and economic level capable of support, illegal anchor babies, those already on economic assistance and anyone else that creates a drag on the system.


Baby steps. First let's overturn Roe v. Wade, then we can let states decide. And there will still be many states that keep abortion legal. Who are really the pro choice ones in this debate? If your community wants abortion, it could vote to keep it. But none of this "fundamental right to an abortion" nonesense


Pro-life conservatives are ridiculous. They push for abstinence education, which doesn't work, and then when teens (or others that would in another situation seek an abortion) get pregnant, they don't want them to have access to welfare. I don't get it. Honestly. It's so hypocritical.


Mississippi's condition has absolutely nothing to do with people not getting abortions. And do you even have any proof that they can't get abortions there?


it worked fine before roe vs wade. btw abortion was invented to kill minority babies. Mississippi is 79% black....do have a problem with dark skinned Americans?



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