Would I have a healthy pregnancy after another abortion?

Would I have a healthy pregnancy after another abortion?

Would I have a healthy pregnancy after another abortion?


If your doctor is a good one then the abortion wont damage your reproductive tract (as in yes, you should be able to have a baby later on). You should talk to your doctor about your physical health before the abortion of course.... And as far as protecting yourself in the future please think about an IUD. This will stop any unplanned pregnancies and can be removed later in life when your ready for offspring.


Why not keep this baby or give him/her for adoption? That baby could be raised up by a nice couple and have a fine life. Have your baby, but get away from this abusive guy.



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There is a non-profit organization that helps women in need and they have national help as well as an office in the city of Chicago. Please have her contact them to discuss her situation. The National Network of Abortion Funds http://www.nnaf.org/ Hope this helps

This is like saying, "I'm totally against child abuse. I hate child abuse. I loathe child abuse. I believe child abuse is wrong and would NEVER EVER EVER EVER abuse a child. But I AM prochoice because I don't think the government or anyone for that matter has the right to control my body...

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