Would financial abortion help to end violence against pregnant women?

Would financial abortion help to end violence against pregnant women?

Would financial abortion help to end violence against pregnant women?


somebody has been reading my answers. Cause i was defintely the first one to say that on here. And i heard that on all the crime shows i watch which are tons of them. Yes child support is stupid. A woman has the option to get rid of rights for a child by aborting it or adopting it and a man should too. Anybody who argues the fact have no basis to stand on and have the same ignorant answers like "keep it in his pants" or that "its the womans body". Its his money. So if they are make a claim its the womans body she should probably be more careful with it. Point is child support laws are old. Also im FULLY support that law that makes it a double murder if you murder a pregnant woman (thats not a law in every state). Most of the most ignorant laws that should have never got made were made because more than few men felt they could live their life with low character or morals and ended up screwing over all males in the future. You didn't think these politicians would want to see their daughter struggle or the ones who watched their mothers struggle would let that happen. Especially those idiots who think killing their pregnant girl they would only get charged for one murder. Nope the law sees you too you cowards. Its disgusting how people need laws made just for certain people who can't practice good morals like everybody else. Murder has always had the same motives since it started, money and greed, and sometimes love. I dont need a law telling me not to litter i just don't litter. I could see if this was a speed limit law or a driving law but this is causing direct harm to others.


Abortion is a woman's choice because it is HER BODY. The man should use protection, then he wouldn't be "backed into a corner". Her body, her choice. Get the **** over it Also, I believe that forcing a woman to abort a fetus is nearly as violent as murder. It might cause her a lot of pain, may go against her beliefs, might end up causing her to kill herself anyway because she had no choice but to have the abortion.


@Mr Photographer, how does financial abortion benefit anyone? (see my question) And two wrongs don't make a right, so supporting a flawed policy just because our current policy is flawed is idiotic. The man should have a say in both abortion and adoption (not that he should be able to the women either). Its their child so it should be their decision, but supporting financial abortion does nothing to gain an equal footing here. The child's the problem, yea cause that makes sense. The child should come first, how does financial abortion benefit the child? I don't see how people can be so selfish when talking about parenting. Its deplorable and honestly people who think this way should be castrated, both men and women.


OR...just bare with me here because this is a crazy answer to that problem.....it is a little controversial.... maybe men could just....wear.....a.......CONDOM. Men never will have the right to force a woman to get an abortion. If they don't want to pay child support they should probably stop getting women pregnant.


Draconian? Hardly. It's not much to ask somebody to take responsibility for their child and care for them. Surely you're not excusing the behaviour of murderers because they were "backed into a corner"?


I don't feel any pity for men capable of murdering a woman because she decided not to terminate her pregnancy. So no, he should have put a rubber on.



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