Would aborting a pregnancy cost money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Would aborting a pregnancy cost money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Would aborting a pregnancy cost money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?


Of course it costs money. It costs money in every state. A few hundred dollars at the least. And naturally there are physical side effects when your cervix is forcibly dilated and your uterus is scraped out, or when you're given pills to start contractions. Mostly pain and bleeding.


Get rid of the boyfriend, if he thinks human life is that cheap he will treat you the same one day. Sex is not a recreational sport and abortion is murder of a human being.



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China's one child policy resulted in an increased number of abortions (both legally and illegally) in families. it also caused an increased number of infanticides, as parents tried to adhere to the policy. a gender imbalance came about as parents often left baby girls to die as it was lucky...

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The only thing free about abortions in Texas is that they will be unavailable unless you have money. As the article says, low income women will go back to using illegal abortionists, who are not free, or go across the border for them.

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