Will I really regret having an abortion?

Will I really regret having an abortion?

Will I really regret having an abortion?


Ashley, that video was ridicules and inaccurate.That also showed LATER TERM abortions which are obviously atrocious. OP, Nobody here will be able to tell you if you will regret it or not.All I have to say is, decide wisely.Don't decide based off of other peoples opinions or influences in your life. Nobody "really wants" to get an abortion...but sometimes, that IS the only choice people have for that period in time. You will more than likely think of "what could have been" when looking back in time.That happens for other things as well...not just abortions. Good luck.


There is no way to know how you feel in the future. Just make sure you are confident in your decision. I do not know about the procedure but my best friend says she just wished someone would have told her what would happen during the procedure before she had it. Dont be afraid to ask questions and contact several places if you can. My best friend regretted her decision that same afternoon and it has very much impacted her life. She was 16 at the time and is now 27 with 2 kids. She alway's refers to her lost baby as her first born. I will never truly know how she feels on the inside, just what she shares.


It might be emotionally difficult at first, but I know plenty of women who have had abortions and do not regret it. A friend of mine recently had her first baby (after having an abortion in the past) and remarked on how glad she was that she waited to have a baby until she was really ready. Whatever you decide, feel confident in your decision.


personally i regret having a abortion but only because it wasnt my decision. if its something you want then you will be fine and have other kids when you are ready, but if its not then really think it through because its better to live a life with some faliure than a life of regret...


possibly, but probably not. are you sure about your decision? as in you know that this is the best option? then you probably won't regret it. of the people that i know that have done - the only ones that regret are the ones who weren't sure about their decision to begin with or made the decision for someone else.


If you feel like you absolutely could not take care of and love your baby whole heartidly after he/she is born, then you are making the right choice. I would not suggest adoption, you and your child would suffer for the rest of your lives- at least with abortion you get a sense of closure. Just don't make a habit out of it.


Not necessarily. Plenty of women don't. But make sure it's the choice you want and youre not doing it for anybody else or anything like that, because in that case you are more likely to regret it. See http://www.imnotsorry.net


I never have. I know I made the right decision and both my husband and I are fine with it. If you are sure about your decision, I think you'll be fine :-)


I did it and have no regrets! Sometimes it's just the right thing if you're not ready or you could give your child up for adoption



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