Why the hell is abortion legalized?

Why the hell is abortion legalized?

Why the hell is abortion legalized?


Rape is no reason to get an abortion. The baby produced, while being a product of sin, is innocent- and should not be punished for the sins of the father. Also, do not fall to Give Me Liberty's ignorant and dangerous rhetoric. His argument in his blog is that another newborn baby into this World adds to the food and money shortage and therefore causes increased death. Therefore women should rip their baby's body apart at will. This argument not only an immoral position that promotes murder, but is exemplifies the absurdedness that he accuses the pro life movement of having. Plus, it is a white flag position- for he is advocating a position of not even attempting to find a way for EVERYONE to live. There are charities such as ABC Ministry http://www.abcministry.org.za/Vision.htm , and SOS Children's Villages http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/c... that help unwanted babies in third world countries and help them to find loving homes. As well as Lifecall http://www.lifecall.org/shelters.html who do the same within the United States. All these charities need is more funding/donations and they can save more lives. Then more people born into the World won't further impact the lives of the living. A "clump of cells IS a life- and every person is a "clump of cells" also- just a bigger one. Abortion is murder, period- and for anyone to say the the government has "no right" to legislate a rule against it is as ridiculous of an argument as saying the government has no right to make a law against murdering born people. Abortion was made legal because of selfishness of one Jane Roe and a misinterpretation by the Supreme Court of the 1965 case Griswold vs Connecticut, which dealt with a women's right to use contraception.


I think it would be best if abortion is legalized UNTIL the baby is sentient. Once it is sentient, it should only be aborted if the baby or woman has a low chance of living through the rest of the pregnancy or birth. Now since abortion is legalized, I think pro-life people should all join forces and create organizations (with headquarters and stuff) that encourage women not to have abortions PEACEFULLY (no bombing, killing, death threats *cough*). They should present the evidence to WILLFUL listeners that it is a human, a life, alive, and an overall joy to have in this world. THEY SHOULD NOT (like many people do) call women contemplating abortion whores, sluts, idiots, etc. This just discourages them from listening. - Having this established, women would be encouraged to make the CHOICE to not have an abortion. With hard work,determination, and LOVE, not hate and bigotry, these pro-life organizations can save some lives. In the end, everyone wins. *This is in all fairness and will work best.


you're ignorant. first off, the fetus has no choice because it can't make a choice. it's a non-sentient fetus. second, said fetus has no rights because giving said fetus rights would mean taking rights away from the woman and that is not fair nor logical. why should a fetus have more rights than any other individual. NOTHING and NO ONE has the right to use ANYONE's body without their consent or against their will. this includes a fetus. your mom CHOSE to have you. what if she was forced to abort you? you're doing the same damn thing by demanding women be forced to gestate unwanted pregnancies. oh and consent to sex IS NOT consent to motherhood. sex is for more than just "baby-making" you know. just because you view sex as nothing more than a procreative act, doesn't mean everyone else should be forced to. sex is a part of a healthy adult relationship and it's foolish and downright rude to suggest that couples refrain from sex if they don't want kids. and i don't know where you got your "facts" about adoption, but you are wrong. couples ONLY want a fresh-from-the-**** PERFECT newborn. if the resulting child has problems of any sort, they're ****-out-of-luck. there are THOUSANDS of children already in the adoption system. why can't these couples adopt one of them, instead of demanding other women be broodmares? talk about being selfish. you need to do proper research that doesn't include anti-choice sites that spew nothing but utter lies and exaggerations. it's pitiful how you rally against your own gender having a choice when it comes to their reproductive organs.


"If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex".............You poor naive idiot. So what happen is the instances where pregnancy is caused by rape, incest, child abuse etc or when the mother has a ectopic pregnancy or the baby is so deformed that it would live a few hours and then die in the worst pain anyone has ever felt??? THAT IS NOT CHOICE!! I suppose you have never been in any of these situations and if you were, Im sure your pathetic attitude would be a lot different. Its none of your business so butt out. Are you going to personally adopt all of these children that are bron and not wanted or take personal responsibility for the deaths of those mothers with ectopic pregnancies and those that commit suicide because they are forced to keep a baby that is the result of rape. No............I don't think that you would.


Tell ya what, Josh- carry a baby around for nine months then fire it out your peener. Once you do that I'll consider your complaint. You, in essence, you have said that you consider a clump of cells more important than a woman - that a woman should not have rights beyond that of being a gestation tank.


In the long run, abortion saves lives and being pro life causes death. http://www.prolifeismurder.com And your claim about an inalienable right to life applies first to those who are already alive. So save the living kids first, the elderly, the sick and lame. Otherwise you are a murderer of those already living. And the Constitution is clear, a person is a citizen when they are "born". Look it up before spouting any more BS that is based on your fantasy about a clump of cells being equal to my child's life. Everyone reading your BS should ask themselves if it is more important to save a fetus or their child who is living without insurance. I think pro lifers are murderers myself.


I don't see how anyone can expect a respectful discussion by asking "why the hell....". But that is beside the point, I guess. PLEASE, for future reference, ask these types of questions some place else. I am sure that Yahoo has a place for questions like these. Don't ask it in the pregnancy/ttc section.


THANK YOU!!!!! You are the first person I have seen in a long time that shares my opinion on this. I too view it as murder and feel that there is NEVER an ok time for an abortion to be ok...I've been given...rape, and this and that...but honestly? i dont care. Yes if a woman is raped im sure that it would be hard on her to be pregnant and have the baby but you know what? Why can't ppl look at it this way: First, why should the baby have to suffer..its bad enough the woman is..why make it worse? Also, having a baby can be a very healing thing for a lot of people. I also feel that life begins at the moment of conception. I had one person tell me "its not a baby, its a oraganism" ok...go talk to any pregnant mom and ask her how her "organism" is doing..crazy! And the bottem line is...its murder plain and simple. If I were to go out tomorrow and shoot someone I would probably spend the rest of my life in jail. But, everyday woman all over commit the EXACT same crime and get nothing! Having and abortion does NOT make you not pregnant...its makes you the mother of a DEAD baby and a murderer. if you get pregnant and for some reason dont want the baby..give it up for adoption..give the poor kid a chance at life...what if you had been aborted? I feel very strongly about this and anyone that disagrees with me I dont care..you are wrong. If you have a problem with my answer email me amyandjarred@yahoo.com See I always see at least one person that gives the "rape, incest..blah blah blah"....if you're raped..adoption....Incest? um its not the baby's fault that you are gross like that! If say a father rapes his daughter or something twisted like that....she can give it up for adoption..its like I said before..yes with rape, its hard for the mom...im not denying that..but two wrongs dont make a right people!...Also to the person who said that woman are too worried about themselves then the baby..and who wont go the extra mile....i loved your answer =)


Luck of the draw those whose parents want them get to live those that don't well you know. Its so easy to say put up for adoption but lets see you adopt some of that. I think abortion is terrible. So is war, crime, ect ect.


Honestly is this the abortion section? No, it's the pregnancy section. So enough. There are enough question in the section full of women who are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant- this is not the place. When you get pregnant dont abort it, okay? Leave anyone who wants to alone. Cause you know what, it's not your body, it's not your baby and it is DEFINITELY, not your business.



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