Why is pro Choice only defined as Abortion?

Why is pro Choice only defined as Abortion?

Why is pro Choice only defined as Abortion?


Pro-choice is leaving the personal choice to have or not have an abortion to the individual who is pregnant. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pro-choice on what you want to eat, as well. Go for it. I generally support keeping government out of personal decisions.


Because the pro life people would rather just label people pro death than have to have a real discussion about the issue.


Also when a pregnant women is murdered its double murder charge- so I guess that baby really is a human being! Its just liberals have always wanted to rid of the poor people and most abortions are people who don't think they can afford having a baby. The Progressive movement was what this all about getting rid of the poor by killing their babies before they were born so govt would not have to give the poor more money, they take advantage of the poor by making them think the baby isn't a person when IT IS and that baby has every right to LIVE as we had every right to LIVE!!


Because that is the choice we are talking about. I am pro-choice- I am talking about the choice of whether or not to keep your clothing on.


Because the mendacity of the Pro-Birth crowd is endless. Even their use of "pro-life" is a lie. When is the last time you heard one of them say they are against all killing? I only know of one, Father Daniel Berrigan.


was there some other ''choice' the phrase refers to? if so, please enlighten me.



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