Why is it wrong to make abortion legal?

Why is it wrong to make abortion legal?

Why is it wrong to make abortion legal?


I am pro-choice. I had an abortion. I never thought I would have to do it. I used to be pro-life, back when I was young and ignorant. I became pro-choice about a year before I even started having sex. Once you are in the shoes of the person forced to make the decision, you think differently. Life starts at birth. Most pro-life activists never look at the big picture. Women have a choice to do what they want with their body and no one should be forced to not have that option. It would be cruel to take away the option to abort, to take a way people's rights. I was pregnant and I didn't feel the same, and there was no way I could go on with the pregnancy for various reasons. I chose to have an abortion. And unlike pro-lifers claim, I did not feel remorse, guilt, nor was I left with any physiological problems. Sure, sometimes I think about it and get sad- I'm not heartless... but then I remember that I made the right choice and the government should respect the right to a woman's choice about her body.


I think we should all work harder to make this a non-political issue. The fact is that abortion is legal. It will never, ever, ever not be legal. Roe v. Wade will never be overturned. People milk this issue for all it is worth - politicians especially - and it is astounding how many buy into it. Personally I do not care what my political leader's position is on abortion, as it makes absolutely no difference.


Most people who oppose legalization believe that abortion constitutes murder (ergo it doesn't matter if it's a woman's choice or not), and I've heard some say terrible things like they think women who are hurt or die seeking illegal abortions "deserved it" :( And some folks seem to persist in ignorance, and believe that if it's illegal, it just won't happen- which of course, we know isn't true. Although I suppose because it's not longer visible, they can delude themselves into thinking the problem's been fixed.


I don't believe it should be outlawed. Just heavily restricted. I think abortion is murder. But there are exceptions to this rule as in the cases with rape, incest or when the mothers life is in danger. What I oppose is people having abortions out of convenience just to get out of being responsible. If a girl gets pregnant because she decided to have unprotected sex with her boyfriend or got drunk and had a fling with a guy at a party and became heavy with child, then she should own up to the consequences of her actions.


It's a sin to murder. Period. The US Supreme Court forced their heinous decision upon us. They profess to be wise but they are fools who has brought God's judgment upon us.


why cant they just have the baby. if you dont want baby dont have sex.



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