Why is it that A list celebrities will talk about drug abuse, being raped by a relative, etc and not abortion?

Why is it that A list celebrities will talk about drug abuse, being raped by a relative, etc and not abortion?

Why is it that A list celebrities will talk about drug abuse, being raped by a relative, etc and not abortion?


Perhaps they don't want to talk about it because it is distressing. Abortion has some serious, long-lasting emotional and mental affects on the woman, but we don't hear much about it. It isn't publicized and it should be. I have talked to women who've had abortions, and only one of them seemed to not really regret it or feel pain or guilt at the memory. All the others still grieve for their babies and are haunted by dreams and feelings that just won't go away though it has been years since the event happened. It is heartbreaking for both baby and mother. And even though I am tempted to shake my finger at the woman who chose such an action, I still feel bad for the pain that will result from her choice. When abortion is chosen, nobody wins. Not the baby, not the mother. Everyone loses. Maybe that is why celebrities don't like to talk about it - it is too painful.


if you overcome drug use and/or sexual abuse, it shows strength of character. These things are also very widespread, a lot of people have used drugs. A lot of people have also been sexually abused... and people are prob more open to talking about that because it's not their fault that it happened and talking about can help other people to overcome their abuse. Abortion is still very controversial and while this isn't my opinion, a lot of people think that women who get abortions are whore's because they have obviously gotten pregnant out of wedlock and then went and killed the baby. Is that really something you'd want to broadcast to the entire world?


For a religionist, the question of abortion is certainly a big deal, especially if you're a Catholic. As a muslim, abortions are okay but with a set limit around 3 months. For an agnostic, abortions are a life choice. For myself, I think both ways are okay. My question is, if agnostics think that life ends here on earth, shouldn't the life of a foetus be more important? Because it only has one chance to live? Just a thought.


Because abortion is still a very hush hush subject. So many people are against it. But they get a pat on the back when they say "Hey i was on drugs but now i m not". Maybe if things weren't swept under the carpet we could deal with these issues. But people prefer to keep it quiet because it's to controversial. Me, myself- I see nothing wrong with an abortion. But each to their own.


Because they don't want to be seen in a bad light. And abortion right now, is seen in a bad light, it's still a taboo.


If the entertainment industry had enough balls to talk about abortion, it would have received more than 10 seconds of dialogue in Desperate Housewives, Knocked Up, and Juno. I'm starting to think that they're in the pockets of the pro-life lobby.


Becase they are different, being raped and drug abuse etc are negative things onthe mind and against the law. However, abortion is a personal choice.


Because abortion is not considered a social disease that must be overcome.


It keeps simpletons amused



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