Why is abortion an ethical dilemma?

Why is abortion an ethical dilemma?

Why is abortion an ethical dilemma?



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Abortion Pill In Tucson, Arizona.??
I am a doctor. I recommend she act as soon as possible before she gets any farther along if she is sure that is what she wants to do. Planned parenthood is probably her best option as far as getting information on this as well as other options and support. also, she/you/ whoever can look...

So long as abortion is legal shouldn't we harvest those stem cells instead of throwing them out ?
Stem cells are taken from very early stage embryos called blastocysts. The cells have yet to differentiate. Infertility clinics have hundreds of thousands of unused, frozen embryos which could be used for stem cell research, but they are thrown away. "Pro-lifers" would like to confuse the...

Why is "a women has the right to choose what to do with her body" the reason abortion is legal when....?
Prostitution is legal here in New Zealand. So, I can't really give an answer. Both abortion and prostitution are legal - so I guess she does have complete say over her body.

Utilitarian View on Abortion?
Nicely put, The Garden of Fragile Egos. I can't add anything more...but are there any positive effects of abortion? Why just negative?

Protesting abortion? ?
I don't think protesting abortion will do much for your cause. People have been doing it for decades, and there has been no change. The best answer lies in education. Teach practical sex education in high schools instead of abstinence only. Teach people to be more responsible in their sex...