Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?

Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?

Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?


I do not believe in abortions I had my first baby at 16 it was hard but i dealed with it


i don't understand how a parent could kill their child. the fetus feels pain just like us. the baby didn't choose for you to have sex and get pregnant. you are mature enough for sex when you know you can handle the factors that come along with sex.


i think it's a matter of personal choice... but I dont agree with abortion... there are so many people out there who cant have their own children... although I also dont agree with 13 year olds having sex..


I was just listening to Happy Birthday by Flipsyde Makes you think twice about abortion And I agree with you, no matter what 'form' it is, it's still life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qj3nWy7H...



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Can I get an abortion without my parents knowing?
Since you are 19, you can go and get an abortion without your parents knowing. But since you arn't telling your parents I'd get a close friend to go with you as it can be an emotional experience and you may need some support.

What are the current Federal abortion laws?
In the US case of Wade v Roe it was held that women have a constitutional right to acess abortion. They did not however ban restrictions on partial birth abortions. So in the US abortion is legal in every state, but many states have valid laws banning partial birth abortions,

Do you support abortion?
Yes, I support abortion rights, because: 1) A woman's body is her own. Nobody, no government, no court, can force a woman to gestate a pregnancy to viability if she does not also agree to do so. It is unfortunate that human reproduction happens inside women, but because that is the truth, anything...

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Be careful, guns, gays, and abortions are what they call wedge issues. I love guns and hate abortions but I don`t vote Republican. Democratic= We are all in this together. Republican= Every man for themselves.

Does being extremely thin make abortion risky?
I too had that with both my pregnancies and fought through it and went onto have 2 healthy babies! If you really feel abortion is the only way, no she wont lose more weight the sickness will disappear with in a couple of days when her body stops producing the pregnancy hormones and as soon...