Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?

Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?

Why does whether the baby is alive matter in abortion?


I do not believe in abortions I had my first baby at 16 it was hard but i dealed with it


i don't understand how a parent could kill their child. the fetus feels pain just like us. the baby didn't choose for you to have sex and get pregnant. you are mature enough for sex when you know you can handle the factors that come along with sex.


i think it's a matter of personal choice... but I dont agree with abortion... there are so many people out there who cant have their own children... although I also dont agree with 13 year olds having sex..


I was just listening to Happy Birthday by Flipsyde Makes you think twice about abortion And I agree with you, no matter what 'form' it is, it's still life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qj3nWy7H...



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It means it's an abortion that the woman has chosen to have, not one that she necessarily needs to have.

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Fetus, zygotes, parasites, etc. are just ways to hide the fact with simple words that a human life is growing. If you interrupt this life at any stage and destroy it, you have destroyed a human life. If a human life is not viable without assistance (mother's womb) then no human life is viable...

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