Why does President Bush support the sale of "Over the Counter" Early Abortion Pills?

Why does President Bush support the sale of "Over the Counter" Early Abortion Pills?

Why does President Bush support the sale of "Over the Counter" Early Abortion Pills?


The morning-after pill PREVENTS conception. (Most "pro-lifers" say life begins at conception.) The pill prevents pregnancy, therefore there is nothing to abort.


I don't know but I do wish a bunch of his supporters parents would have had the sense to use, the world would surely be a better place


Because Bush is a moderate President and that is why he is President becaue the Dems always run left wing wackos. I always get a hoot out of people from the far right who think that Bush is a liberal. Naw, he is a moderate like the rest of the country. Thank god righty/lefty extremists X each other out on election day.


He is not against embryonic stem cell research! he is against using aborted fetuses for this purpose! if I were you I would stay away from anything having to do with abortion unless you are a woman. it is a personal, private matter!


Over the counter pills are taken at the time of conception, before a fetus fromed.


Because of his daughters liberal lifestyles...


Meeeeeeeeee: Because he is a Hypocrite. Ditto.


oh waite, you guys, some one probably forgot to dumb down the bill he was signing, so bushy could understand.



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