Why do you think the democrats support abortion ?

Why do you think the democrats support abortion ?

Why do you think the democrats support abortion ?


First, I want you to know I was born in 1947 and the basis for what I am saying here was from having witnessed many changes in society for the last 60 years. I disagree with your statement. Morals dropped the most in this country with the advent of the Pill which was before abortion was legalized. The Viet Nam war also had a huge effect on sexual morals. The hippies during that time advocated making love, not war. These people were not democrats. They were anti-establishment and anti-war and were too young to vote. They would have been anything BUT Democrats. Voting age then was 21 until '72 or '73. If you read any history concerning abortion throughout the world, you will see the U.S. is far, far behind other countries in making it legal. 100's of years. Women often used to perform their own abortions in this country. There were butchers who would perform them illegally before Roe v Wade. There have always been people who succumbed to their sexuality without the benefit of marriage and the woman often left to fend for herself and her child while being treated like the scum of the earth for the rest of their lives living in poverty and shame. Our society had a double standard for men and women that was abhorent, ignoring the fact that it took two to tango but the woman was blamed and punished. The man was viewed as a hero, at least by other men who at the time pretty much ran everything. Abortion was legalized based on the Constitutional right to privacy while keeping in mind what I have just told you about society at the time. That a woman had rights over her own body was possibly viewed as a concept in correcting the tipped scales of a major social injustice in our society. I still remember the day I heard on the news that abortion became legal. I literally fell down. Not from a sense of having reached a monumental step in the rights of women, but in the fact that I couldn't believe our country would uphold such a thing. The majority of women in this country would not consider having an abortion. If it became illegal tomorrow, I wouldn't feel I lost anything. That being said, the concept of morality will never stop the allure of the birds and the bees. People are human beings and are far less than perfect whether they are deomocrats or republicans. It isn't for me to judge people's morality. I prefer to think of it as self respect which is sorely lacking in our society today and respect for each other regardless of one's sex or politics.


No. That would require pretty much everyone in the Democratic party to be part of a conspiracy to create an immoral country, or for a number of key Democrats to do so while deceiving it's members about the true purpose. Democrats are not all evil, just as Republicans are not all evil. They do use issues, like abortion, to polarize voters, preying on our emotions. Both sides do it, one is no less guilty than the other in that regard.


We don't support abortion, what we support is the right to choose. The woman is the one who has to carry and deliver, then support the child for at least 18 years. It's her body, and therefore her right to choose. Personally, I wish every viable, healthy, pregnancy should run full-term, and then, if the Mom doesn't want the baby, it could be put up for adoption. Then maybe so many Celeb's and wealthy people would adopt babies right here at home, and not have to go to China, Africa, or elsewhere to find a needy infant.


Mainly because they don't want anybody to be able to tell anyone else what they can to with their bodies. Morality has nothing to do with they're argument (since they have a natural lack of morals, and don't really care about morals anyway.) It comes down to selfishness. I can't think of a single reason for abortion that is not selfish.


The democrats left in the 60s with JFK. all you have now are liberals [ big difference]


Your basic argument is flawed . . . "if abortion is illegal, people will have to practice morals." I do not believe that to be true . . .


Do you see how quickly dems turn every question into Bush bashing and about the war in Iraq? I am pro democrat abortion.




Hmmmm, why do you Republicans support War, Gun's and the Death Penality? Christian hypocrisy is not un-common. "Bless" you.



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