Why do some conservatives lie about "Post Abortion Syndrome?"?

Why do some conservatives lie about "Post Abortion Syndrome?"?

Why do some conservatives lie about "Post Abortion Syndrome?"?


Some people think the end justifies the means. That certainly includes neo-Cons who push the "Post Abortion Syndrome" lie. People who'll lie about that will lie about anything. When you're anywhere near such people, keep a close eye on them- they're likely to help themselves to anything not belonging to them that isn't nailed down!


If you look at what you are doing as a life and have any kind of empathy, you will feel it at some point. If you are using it as birth control then chances are you will not as you will consider sex to be the fun and the rest to be an oversight. If there is a legitimate medical reason then you have to do what is safest for all. If you know there are preexisting situations or conditions and you do not make darn sure you cannot get pregnant , a condom or some other temporary form of BC is not adequate then, you are an idiot.


What lie? It does exist and has been noted in studies- that it is not studied like many other "syndromes" is posibly a political factor as the medical and educational personnel are typically more liberal and it would hurt their political stance. Saying it does not exist is the same as saying that mothers don't have post partum depression because the degree and number is fairly low. So you didn't-my wife did so what is your point- if you don't have it then no one does?


It's just anti choice propaganda. Happy to hear your life is getting back on track. Most women I know who have had an abortion felt relief, not regret.


Your rational that some women don't get depressed after murdering their child is that you're so callous that you can give it no more thought than popping pimple? I think that's the wrong conclusion to draw from your experience.


My sister still cries whenever she talks about her abortion. She wasn't in the best situation to bring a child into the world, but she regrets it. Unlike you, she has come to realize what an awful thing she did.


The ones who have just a little heart, will indeed suffer and how could they not.


some are, but it doesn't last forever



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