Why do Repubs feel abortion should be a constitutional issue, when every other issue isn't?

Why do Repubs feel abortion should be a constitutional issue, when every other issue isn't?

Why do Repubs feel abortion should be a constitutional issue, when every other issue isn't?


It was made a constitutional issue when it was voted in as law, so it has to go out the same way. I think it should be left to individual beliefs. I want abortion available for those that need it or want it although I would not allow it in my house.And, making it a religious issue is wrong too. What happened to separation to church and state?


"No person shall be deprived of LIFE, liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness". Yes, it is a state issue to debate over it's legality, but in theory it is completely unconstitutional for the government to be funding abortions. The death penalty can fall under this philosophy as well.


The question is whether the fetus is life. That's where the Constitution comes into play (right to life). That's where Republicans make it a federal issue. I don't have an opinion on abortion, btw, I let others duke it out. Frankly, I don't care either way.


actually its us liberals who say there is a constitutional right to abortion. in fact we liberals were the ones who fought to take it from a state issue to a constitutional issue.


In one hundred years, the American population will look back at abortion the same way we look back at slavery.


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