Why do Republicans lie when claiming "there were no terrorist attacks during George W. Bush's term?

Why do Republicans lie when claiming "there were no terrorist attacks during George W. Bush's term?

Why do Republicans lie when claiming "there were no terrorist attacks during George W. Bush's term?


They think it will help them win elections. Can't say it better than this guy: "The motivation ..... to tell such obvious lies is simple. They are trying to reclaim the post 9/11 “glory days” of the Republican Party. The objective is to convince the American people that only Republicans can keep them safe, and when a historical fact like the date of 9/11 challenges their claims, then they rewrite history to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11. The Republicans are still treating the American people like they are complete idiots. Everyone knows that Bush was president during 9/11. Their pathetic attempt to change the facts should be an insult to every American. This latest great lie of the right is a shallow attempt to revive the politics of fear that carried the GOP to victory in 2002 and 2004." Jason Easley EdIt: And then they lie about saying there were no attacks. Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino it said last November. Rudy Guiliani said it last Friday on ABC news. Mary Matalin said it on Sunday. Reading the righties spinning this would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. No none of these people said "after 9/11". Guiliani said that the underpants bomber was an act of Domestic terrorism, meaning on American soil or in American airspace. You can see any of these on video. And they say liberals have a problem with facts! The quotes were NOT taken out of context. Look at the videos!


September 11th Attacks: 2, 973 deaths (19 Terrorists hijacked 4 planes) 2001 Anthrax Attacks: 5 deaths (Dr. Bruce Ivins, US Citizen, later killed himself. No Connection to terrorist)) 2001 Shoe bomb attempt: (failed) (British citizen turned jihadist) July 5, 2002 LAX Shooting at Israeli Airlines Ticket Counter: 2 deaths (Green card carrying Egytpian who have lived in the US for ten years No known terrorist connection!) Only REAL terrorists were the hijackers! Shoe bomber was stupid like the panty bomber! Only two times were they yelling "allah akbar" Others never tied to jihad or terrorists. Although all attacks were bad, still no more than 0bama! Remember it was Clinton who let bin Laden get away when Sudan wanted to get him for the US! http://www.infowars.com/saved%20pages/Pr...


I do believe you are taking things out of context. What they are referring to is there hasn't been a terrorist attack on our soil for the last 6 years of Bushes presidency. Remember after 911 it took time to get security up and running and with his policies it stopped terror attacks on our soil. As for stuff that happens overseas that doesn't much matter because we are in a war over there. I think there primary point is the Bush administrations policies worked and Obamas weakening of security and being PC doesn't work and the proof is in the pudding. I am not a Republican just an independent that uses common sense. I am in no way saying I agree with all of Bushes policies, but I do feel Obama is dropping the ball on pretty much everything he touches, I hope he gets his head on straight because he and this congress are destroying our economy and damaging our security.


No terrorist attacks on American soil after 9/11. If you're going to quote Republicans en masse, at least get that part correct. But you have a great point with the LAX shooting. As for the anthrax attacks, the key suspect was an American scientist, Bruce Edwards Ivans, who committed suicide before the case could be closed. While the notes that accompanied the anthrax implied it was the work of Islamofascists, the fact that the "attacks" stopped after Ivans killed himself implies that was a ruse.


Far as I am concerned it isn't the attacks. its the response. Bush decided to find the enemy and take him out. Much better than the previous president that made an attack on the US a legal issue. We could have stopped 9-11 if the president in 96 had heeded the warnings and done something.( I guess he was too busy with more important things like bombing Serbia and a stain in a blue dress)


Not all Republicans claim that, obviously, but for those who only watch Fox you probably missed the news: Rudy Giuliani claimed on Good Morning America that there were no terrorist attacks during GW Bush's presidency.


I assume you are talking about Rudy You forgot the word " domestic" which is what he said 9/11 was not a domestic terrorist attack Timothy McVeigh or William Ayers are examples of domestic terrorism


I do not think that any serious Republicans make the outlandish claim that 9-11 and other attacks did not happen under Bush's watch


Hmm I would suppose that they are liberal Trolls that do this. But we have the Patriot Act we spent Billions on. This BVD bomber was clearly identified and let throug on purpose it looks like



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