Why do pro-life people refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion?

Why do pro-life people refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion?

Why do pro-life people refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion?


Because when you are "FORCE someone to be pregnant, whether they want to be or not. Lie to, manipulate, and even threaten people who do not wish to be pregnant, assault or even murder those who would help them try to choose another path." It doesn't sound good when your opponent is "You choose what's best for you. Well give you all of the factually correct information you need so that you can make an informed decision. We'll hold the doors open for you so that you can access this choice legally, with affordability, and safely." You need them to be the opposite of you. It sounds much better if your opponent is instead "We're going to force you to have an abortion. We don't care about your opinions, or concerns, or what you want! Abortions for everyone, it's the most pleasurable thing in the world behind crack cocaine and burning crosses! We hate children! We despise children! We eat dead babies on the holidays, and feast on unborn babies with our white wine."


Smear campaign- it sounds bad and shifts the focus to the procedure rather than the fact that we champion choice above all.


Because those who won't be part of the solution and by choosing not to be a voice against it yu choose to be part of the problem


And we men have to be stuck ups for that. Sigh. I wonder.



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