Why do people think abortion is moral?

Why do people think abortion is moral?

Why do people think abortion is moral?


First off, it's "affect" not "effect". Second, a fetus of abortable gestation age is not a child. It's not a baby. It has no sentience, no consciousness, and no ability to feel pain. It is not legally defined as a human being with rights. And by your logic, that fetus could also have grown up to become a serial killer- it's more statistically likely. You can't base legislation off potentialities with no evidence. Third, it is unconstitutional in the United States to make laws based on one religion's beliefs. Fourth, it is hardly moral to force a woman to act as an incubator just because you subjectively believe a fetus is a person. Pro choice individuals aren't arguing that abortion is "moral". What we are arguing is that abortion is only the business of the woman involved. The prochoice arguer in your class was correct on the constitutionality of the law- which is all that matters. Don't like abortions? Don't get one. @Jim- Congratulations, you just proved your complete ignorance of the issue of abortion. There is a non-subjective point at which prochoice individuals (as well as most scientists) agree that the fetus can first be considered a "person"- it's called VIABILITY. It's also the point used to determine when abortions are illegal in the US. Viability is the point after which the fetus may potentially survive outside the womb. If it can survive on its own, it can be considered a person. This is why the legal system has never prosecuted the murder of a pregnant woman as a double homicide unless that woman was POST VIABILITY. Learn the debate before you try and argue it, dear. @Charlene- Is an acorn the same as an oak tree? By your "logic"- an acorn is EXACTLY THE SAME as an oak tree because it BECOMES an oak tree. And trying to claim killing a baby and killing a fetus is the same is ridiculous- did you miss the part about post-birth humans having ACTUAL rights and fetal viability? Making such fallacious analogies just makes you look ignorant.


I've kinda asked questions along those lines.... I get the argument that a government shouldn't tell you what to do as long as it doesn't harm another, but how can people say that harming a child in the womb isn't murder? I've heard the argument... it's just a fetus, not a human. But, then, how do you explain the fact that it grows to be a human? I mean, we all agree that killing a baby outside the womb is bad, but, why does inside the womb make any difference? The only really difference between a baby in the womb and a baby after it is born is just the location. Then, there is the idea that a fetus is just a clump of cells, but I ask, aren't we all? In that case, what is the difference between killing a fetus and killing a human being? Or, killing a fetus vs. killing your own baby? When a mother kills her own baby outside the womb, does the government have the right to arrest her? By the pro-choice logic, she should go free. I mean, any mother who murders her children should not be punished, if abortion was ethical. Then, you brought up the point about killing someone who could make a huge difference. I know I would be scared of that. Then, I have grown up in a church that preached that you could go to hell if you had an abortion, and I don't believe that is the case. You see, I believe when people say that, they don't mean that because you have an abortion, you are automatically going to hell. No, Christ is better than that. I believe, though, that each side has a rational point, even though they think the opposite side is 100% wrong. You see, one side argues that abortion is murder, and the other side is arguing that the government should not interfere with your life. In my mind, I think people know that killing a human being is wrong, but some don't realize that conception is the beginning of life. On the other side, people think that the government should not tell them what to do, e.g. a mother whose life is on the line if the birth occurs. In my view, no matter what, a person has a right to defend oneself, whether from an outside or inside threat. So, I could see why someone would make a choice to abort. On the other hand, it is still murder, but I believe you have a right. Now, for someone to kill a baby for any other reason, I would say, "would you convict that person if that baby was another human being?" In conclusion, I think we should treat abortion as killing another. But, such as the law allows, we should have the right to defend ourselves if our lives are in danger.


I don't think an abortion is right, but the government has no right restricting people's lives like that. Some people CANNOT afford having a child. Also back when abortion was illegal, it didn't make people stop getting abortions, people only get abortions when they need them anyway. All it being illegal did was make all those women go to shady unlicensed doctors. Hundreds of women died from failed abortion attempts just because they couldn't go to an actual hospital to do it. @Amanda: A fetus doesn't have all that stuff for about 6 months in, until that point it IS just a blob. It doesn't even have a brain until like 7 months into the pregnancy.


It's not necessarily about being moral, it's about having a choice. It's a woman's body and the only other person who should have a say in it is the guy who got her pregnant (if that options available.) I'm sure you don't like it people tell you what you can and cant do to your own body. If you're using the "The aborted child could have been a really important person" argument then has it ever occurred to you that contraception/birth control does the same thing as abortion since it denies them the chance to even has existed at all.


First of all it is AFFECTING - not effecting - you cannot 2nd guess who someone MAY become. Abortion is moral because termination happens BEFORE the bunch of cells becomes a human being - and it is the CHOICE of the free thinking agent - the mother (and father) to determine what happens to their own bodies. How would you feel if some sanctimonius preacher told you that you could not cut your hair or your nails because those cells ought to be able to live. We kill cells all the time -and no one makes a moral worry of it - at the point of conception there are merely TWO cells - do you think they can think or feel pain? Do you think they are a person? NO - so when are they a person? And who should it be up to to determine whether it lives or dies - the baby on an umbilical is still part of the mother's body. It is her right to determine what happens to it as much as it is whether her hair or nails are cut. It is NONE of your business or societies. Especially since there is no such thing as God.


Because it does not harm or violate the rights of any person. "When you abort a child, you are effecting their lives" A fetus is not a "they". "They" refers to a person. A nonsentient being is an "it", whether it be a fetus, a potato, or a toaster. Your anthropomorphism of the fetus does not imbue it with any intrinsic value or rights. "and many others, especially because you could be aborting the first person to find something that allows people with cancer to live longer and better lives." Again, people are not aborted. Abortion does not end the life of any person. It prevents a person from ever existing in the first place, no different than using contraception, or simply not having sex in the first place. And your speculation about the contributions made by a person who never existed are pointless. Even *if* your argument were valid, the future person would be much more likely to be a murderer than the person who cures cancer. "Why do people think abortion does not effect anyone?" It affects the pregnant woman. That's why it's her choice. You would benefit greatly from reading the following article: "Abortion": https://sites.google.com/site/alexisbroo...


Yea but that is very unlikely chances are if someone who isn't in the right financial or mental state to raise a child properly he/she will end up another druggy/homeless person on the street for all you know they could be the next hitler abortion is a sore subject but at the same time it's each individuals decision/choice


Abortion effects me, and only me. A child effects a lot of people, especially someone who is not prepared for one. An abortion should remain a choice for a woman between her and her doctor. Religion should not be a factor unless it's the woman's own religion that is influencing her decision.


Good for you. I would ask the other respondents if they would have preferred their mother had an abortion when she was pregnant with them? For most people in favor of abortion rights, they have no point of reference of what defines the intrinsic value of human life. Is it OK to abort a baby the day before it is born? If not, then at what point does it cross the line between being permissible and impermissible? And if it's a personal choice, then doesn't that mean you could choose to abort the child an hour before it is born? The bottom line is that human life has value simply because it is human life. And it matters not at what stage of development that life is at. If it is human life today, then it was human life yesterday as well. And if that life has value today, then it had value yesterday, too. People who condone abortion are very self-centered and intellectually dishonest. And the day may well come when they are old that society begins to decide that life after a certain age has no value and has become a burden, and thus is dispensable.


I think a lot of people who are pro choice don't nessisarly think it's moral, but the lesser of two evils. Raising a child under difficult circumstances to have a poor life, and possible who struggles so much that they make everyone else's life around them worse is an option some people think is less moral than terminating a pregnancy. People do it for different reasons, but there are a lot of people in this world who are so messed up that they try to harm themsleves or others, I think some pro choice people feel it would be a lesser evil to not bring more suffering into this world in that way.



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