Why do people have different opinions about abortion?

Why do people have different opinions about abortion?

Why do people have different opinions about abortion?


People want to hae their own way with their lives, but God has control of everything. Everything!!! As a christian I know that God does not believe in abortion, so I cannot either. The Lord said it is a sin. Have you heard about May 21, 2011? This is the end of the world. Christ returns on that day. Learn more at wecanknow.com and ebiblefellowship.com. We are 4 months and 17 days away. Also on familyradio.com. This is going to happen!!!


Because some people believe that an unborn fetus is a living human being, and others don't. So from one perspective, abortion is murder, and from the other it's as innocuous as a bowel movement. 0


It is a reflexion on our environment , the way we been raised and the lies that is within our subconscious mind hat we think or feel are true. The only problem is that we will never know who is right and who is wrong until we are dead and that time it is too late to do anything about it.


Because different people operate under different systems of morality. Mine is predicated on an ethical calculus of human potential. To me, abortion would be ethically equivalent to murder. Others may be more into virtue ethics ("My holy book says...") or Deontology or Utilitarianism. Then there's egoism and self-egoism. There's all SORTS of amazingly diverse systems of morality one can ascribe to, and amazingly diverse people who subscribe to them, and different systems of ethics will come to different conclusions about when and how to mark where human life begins, is included in the moral community, ends, and is no longer included in the moral community.


The same reason people have different opinions about everything else.


Some people understand the intricate social, economic, physical and emotional aspects of an unwanted pregnancy and that a clump of cells is not a baby. Other people listen to the twaddle their preachers tell them or just plain don't care about the rights of women.


because there is a lot of ways to look at it but the fair minded try to look at them all and come up with a result ,personally i believe its up to the person /persons involved but the female should get the greater say in it say 90% or so


Everyone has different thoughts about everything. Like why do I like red when you prefer blue, you see? It may as well have to do with people's beliefs.


People have differing opinions on just about everything. All depends on what we are taught, our religious beliefs-if any, what we have researched ourselves, peer pressure, and our situations in life.



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