Why do people feel that abortion is killing the fetus?

Why do people feel that abortion is killing the fetus?

Why do people feel that abortion is killing the fetus?


I think that I understand what you are saying... but why would you kill a HUMAN BEING... when it is not their fault that they were conceived by 'mistake' or they were 'unwanted'? I am pro-life all the way and I kniow that there are MILLIONS of people out there that want to adopt children because they cannot have children naturally and there are women who kill off their children everyday when they are up to 22 weeks pregnant, which is 5 1/2 months into your pregnancy... just b/c they are "too young" ( they shouldn-t be having SEX if they use that as an excuse), they have become pregnant b/c of a rape ( ADOPTION!!!!!)or do not want to have a baby at that time. Getting put on the pill or using some kind of birth control is soo much easier and wiser than having an abortion... for one : unborn babies are LIVING,BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS (i don't care what anyone says), it can prevent pregnancy in the future, it can lead to depression and a lot of other unhealthy factors...


Umm....aborting the fetus IS killing a living person. The fetus is growing and will become a person when it is born. NOT A PARASITE! Anyway. If your worried that it would be born into bad circumstances then here is an idea...KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! If you can't control yourself and get yourself or your girlfriend pregnant than you have no right to kill your baby just because you live in a bad area or have bad circumsances. You could if nothing else put the baby up for adoption and pray that somebody nice takes it. But murdering the baby is just wrong. Abortion is not a way of birth control as you describe it.


if left alone it would develop into a baby a real human being an unwanted fetus can turn into a much loved and wanted baby


I think most people just have a problem with some people taking the chicken-**** way out of pregnancy just because they feel they shouldn't have to deal with any hardships.


I agree with not having a baby that will come to this world to suffer. But.... ...wouldn't it be better to avoid pregnancy??? there's LOTS of ways to do it, and they wouldn't need to KILL anybody. .


People will always find something to be fanatical about.


well technically the fetus is killed. i think it's more of 'is it murder?', then 'is it killing?"


Finally someone who understands....



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