Why do people believe abortion propaganda?

Why do people believe abortion propaganda?

Why do people believe abortion propaganda?


cos people wanna justify killing babies so they will believe anything. abortion especially late term is wrong imo. but there are cases where the mothers life is at risk its not all bull. feotus' are human, if not what species are they? they have a unique genetic code and if left to develop will (usually) grow into a healthy human baby. by killing that 'feotus' you are stopping a future human from living their life. women are encouraged not to drink/smoke/take drugs for the health of her growing baby but its ok to kill it. there are things called condoms and pills so there is no excuse for an abortion.


Most will not like my answer but a fetus or what ever you wish to call it is a parasite, living off the nourishment of the host till it is outside the host and cut lose....at which time you can call it a life itself ! How do you feel about a host having a tape worm inside it ? Sorry but them's the FACTS of life !


You do realize that there are cases where proceeding to give birth can kill the mother right? Seriously, before you label something as propaganda, why don't you do some research first. This whole "can someone think for me" bit is really old.


Prove that a fetus is a person. Oh snap


Why? Self-centeredness. No other excuse.


You're the one believing propaganda -- you tell us.



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