Why did North Carolina legislators ban abortions and ban sharia law?

Why did North Carolina legislators ban abortions and ban sharia law?

Why did North Carolina legislators ban abortions and ban sharia law?


Being anti-abortion doesn't mean you're religious. And why not bah sharia law before some out of control liberal town/city allows it. Don't like it? Then don't live there.


abortion is obviously ending a life. Murder is also ending a life. Murder is obviously illegal so under the Constitution where everyone gets equal protection under the law, murder should either be forgiven or abortion should be made illegal.


Right on - surely the don't like it don't live there attitude would also apply to the town that did adopt sharia law. Why is it only others that have to move if they don't like it?


people consider abortion wrong because for a few reasons: 1. its a human that has a chance to do something great 2. i think the bible counts it as playing god to grant life or death to a fetus 3. you can do many things to not get pregnant, like HUNDREDS nowadays so why should you get to kill a baby because you didnt follow precautions 4. yeah its pretty much early murder.


The liberty bill- banned both the institutions of God and the god-state from state government decisions.


you can be against abortion without being religious



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