Why conservatives are agianst abortion & sex education?

Why conservatives are agianst abortion & sex education?

Why conservatives are agianst abortion & sex education?


My question is, what does this have to do with abortion and sex education? In answer to your actual question, it looks like you're going to have to take more abuse from them until you can get out of there. Since you're sixteen, it probably won't be long. African Americans endured the same stuff you're going through years ago, and some of them still do today. If they actually try to hurt you physically, you have every right to flatten them. Of course, your "right" to self-defense is totally going to be disregarded by the fact that you're sixteen and they're little kids - it is almost certain that it will look like you were just beating up the little kids. It's a tough situation - the best thing for you to do is to endure and not give in to that crap.


your question in the title has NOTHING to do with your rant. kids swearing? OH NOEZ! that means they are already morally corrupt, and they are going to grow up and be serial murderers! how are you going to be upset at small children slanting their eyes at you and saying things to you in what for all i know is your language, when you are going to call some poor schmuck a ranga? the CHILDREN don't know any better, and YOU'RE just a grumpy @ss b!atch. i recommend sleep above anything.


Why are children like this you ask ? because they are being raised up with no morals . same as with abortion it is morally wrong . personally i believe sex education should start at home . when a parent thinks there child is old enough to learn about sex then you sit them down and explain it .


you would think that a conservative state like texas wouldn't lead the country in abortions and teen pregnancy, especially when they have sex education classes.


Obtain a good education and get out of that republican area, move into a democratic area and you will find respect.Sounds like too much inbreeding


Evidently those who want abortions need sex education. They don't know what is causing them to get pregnant causing them to need abortions causing them to get pregnant again causint them to need... revolving door?


Ignore the little assholes or tell em off till they get it...........but what does this have to do with conservatives???


i didnt read it but i can say that they are against abortions because it is considered life so they call it murder


Why can't you spell correctly? conservatives "AGIANT abortion"<----the word education shouldn't be in your siggy



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