Why aren't medical informed consent laws enforced when it comes to abortion?

Why aren't medical informed consent laws enforced when it comes to abortion?

Why aren't medical informed consent laws enforced when it comes to abortion?


The problem with abortion is that it has to be an exception to the rule. Abortion is one of those controversial things where parents will often put their own religion and their own beliefs above the welfare and health of their own children. As in they might harm their child or kick that child out of the house if they find out the child is pregnant or seeking an abortion. There's also outside problems. Such as the child may have sexually abusive parents/relatives, and telling the parents or anyone could mean big trouble for the child. There are parents who will hide that a relative, friend of the family, etc, sexually abuses their children. In many cases, it's simply looking out for the child's best interest not to seek parental consent.


Abortion: 2 states and the District of Columbia explicitly allow all minors to consent to abortion services. 22 states require that at least one parent consent to a minor’s abortion, while 11 states require prior notification of at least one parent. 4 states require both notification of and consent from a parent prior to a minor’s abortion. 6 additional states have parental involvement laws that are temporarily or permanently enjoined. 5 states have no relevant policy or case law.


"but today a child can go get an abortion with anyone knowing" I don't know where you got THAT idea, but it is flat out false.


Because liberals want no limits on it whatsoever.


That's liberal politics for you. Their war on babies overcomes medical ethics.







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