Why are pro abortionists not concerned?

Why are pro abortionists not concerned?

Why are pro abortionists not concerned?


The fact that abortion is a risky and potentially dangerous procedure is all the more reason to have it legal so it can be done by a trained professional rather than the woman herself or a "back alley" doctor.


I agree with the answers that pointed out this is actually a good reason to advocate keeping abortion legal so if it's going to be done it can be done by a professional. There will always be risks but it is sensible to try and minimize them.


1) Why did you put quotes around the word "abortion"? 2) Sandra Fluke is not an abortion provider . . . you know that "abortionist" refers to someone who performs abortions, right? Not just advocates for pro-choice policies. 3) Early abortion is one of the safest procedures in medicine. Information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that the risk of death from a legal early abortion is about 0.6 in 100,000 cases- by comparison the risk of death associated with tonsillectomy is about 3 deaths per 100,000 cases and the risk of a person dying from childbirth is approximately 11 times greater than from early abortion. Hope that helps! EDIT: "What is the rate of death for women due to "pro - life" legislation?" It's hard to know, given that when abortion is illegal, that makes it pretty damn hard to tally any statistics . . . nobody's voluntarily coming forward and reporting their wins and losses, you know? "Ever hear of the concept of "risk v reward", what's the reward for those who risk dying from childbirth v the reward for "early abortion"?" If you are facing an unwanted pregnancy and do not wish to carry it to term, you face eleven times more risk of death if your government bans you from the abortion you would rather have. That's all I'm saying. Clearly, if you are voluntarily carrying a wanted pregnancy, you knowingly accept that risk- you have a choice! "because I'm sure there are plenty of choices they don't beleive people ought to be able to make (like sex selective abortions)." Actually, my dear, I *am* pro-choice, and yes, I support the right to sex-selective abortions . . . so don't make assumptions, eh?


All medical procedures carry the risk of infection and death. Women are far less likely to die from a botched abortion performed by a trained medical doctor than one performed by a back-alley black market amateur.


Stop being Big Brother. It's not for you or me or any politician or law-maker to decide what a woman does with her own body, including any risks she may take. What's next, you're gonna wanna ban sky-diving because X number of people die from it every year? Ban plastic surgery because X number of people die from it? Quit baby-sitting people and let them live and run their own lives. If a woman wants to risk her life for whatever reason, then that is their prerogative and right and you should have no right to stop her.


They are pro choice, not pro abortion. Also, abortion during early pregnancy is a lot safer.


ANY surgery can potentially kill the patient.


They don't want to hurt their cause.



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