Why are American Tax dollars funding Abortions overseas now?

Why are American Tax dollars funding Abortions overseas now?

Why are American Tax dollars funding Abortions overseas now?


Good question with good points, but the world is definitely overpopulated now and food, energy, and even drinking water supplies are dwindling, not to mention even the most basic medical care for many millions of children across the world. I would like to remind you that the present Obama administration is doing all it can to provide good medical care for all our citizens, but some members of congress with their excellent medical coverage are separated by the reality of those Americans that simply cannot afford our ever growing and outrageous premiums that go up every year. I have seen too many doctors with their BMW's and their Mercedes complaining that "Obama Care "won't work", yet I know of no Doctors who are suffering. Every time you go to the hospital it costs 15,000 dollars for a couple of nights stay. That's what seems outlandish to me. I of course am in favor of birth control, but when a Sudanese mother of 6 children accidentally gets pregnant and she can barely feed those kids she has, I also see the other point. It's a tough decision. The fact that the Vatican and other religious leaders continue to oppose birth control makes it even harder for those who are already starving worldwide.


I'm sure the US does do this, probably in some third world dictatorships that the US props up for its own reasons, but the US isn't funding abortions in other developed countries. Other developed countries have universal health care that covers abortion as a necessary medical procedure, when required.


Can you supply a reliable neutral link to support your claim? I doubt it. The USA does not have the power to control how monies are used in other countries. Basically what this false claim is trying to accomplish is to gut the State Department of the federal government.


Because someone like you would be complaining if the American Tax dollars went to feed them.


why are you telling a lie disguised as a question, are you that desperate? no American tax dollars are funding abortions ANYWHERE, even in the USA


The rich will always have access to a safe abortion. When illegal it's the poor that suffer.


I can say little more than agree with "Whatever's" answer- it's spot on. To reiterate, Obama REINSTATED a clinic program that Bush had ended.


It is pro-abortion Romoney's fault.


Because the GOP is lying to you. The reality is Obama, struck down a law that prohibits any funding of any clinic that provides abortions, or even advice about abortion, regardless of where the funding for that comes from, which does not mean that abortions are being funded. Basically, it means a medical clinic can now give medical advice to somebody that includes information about abortion.



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