Why are abortions so low in Wyoming?

Why are abortions so low in Wyoming?

Why are abortions so low in Wyoming?


A lot of abortions are done the way they were done before it was legal. I'm not talking about back alley abortions with a butcher working on a kitchen table two flights over a drug store. Before it was legal, more affluent women went to places where abortion laws weren't strictly enforced and it was possible to get a "clean" doctor who would perform a safe albeit illegal operation. Puerto Rico was very popular (it could also be disguised as a vacation). Or doctor would perform operations for their affluent patients. A woman would report (after being couched) vaginal bleeding and the doctor would perform a D & C. Then he'd said, "Your bleeding should stop. Oh, by the way, you were pregnant." Since Wyoming is a small rural state (also heavily armed) I imagine most doctors do not want to be on record as abortion providers. In 1962 there was a media sensation when a children's show host in Phoenix, Arizona went to Sweden to have an abortion after accidentally taking Thalidomide during pregnancy (the drug was never licensed in the United States- her husband bought it in England). Before the story broke and Sherri Finkbine was identified by name in the papers, a hospital in Phoenix was planning to provide her abortion. They backed out because a court would not issue an advisory ruling exempting them from criminal prosecution. That year fewer than 5,000 legal abortions were performed in the United States. That one hospital in Phoenix had performed over 350 abortion. Obviously there were a lot of abortions that were reported as something else.


Perhaps the law-makers are a bit backwards in Wyoming so the women seeking abortions have to travel to states with a more progressive outlook. That's just my guess Abortion clinics don't encourage people to have unprotected sex- only a person can encourage another to have unprotected sex. People are going to get pregnant without being in a position to raise a child sadly, and the availability of an abortion clinic is not at the forefront of anyone's mind when the act takes place. It merely means the female must travel to a place where the laws allow it.


With only limited knowledge about the state, one might hazard a guess that it could be due to the conservative nature of the state fueled by its general religiosity, whereby many recognise that murdering an unborn baby is just as immoral as murdering a newborn baby. Another cause may be that young people are more likely to be married before engaging in activities likely to bring forth children, thus children are more likely to be loved and cherished rather than killed as an unwanted pest. It could also be that parents are generally more protective and unlikely to let young couples spend too much time alone together before marrying or look kindly upon curfews being broken.


Abortion clinic target the minority and poor. Wyoming has a low rate of each, and very few in urban centers where is is the easiest to sell abortions.


the population is very low in wyoming compared to new york


I'd look at the benefits of it for the wyoming women, that will answer.



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