Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?

Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?

Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?


Because those are the ones that make people emotional, and people don't feel nearly as strongly for something that looks like a fetus than something that looks like a baby.


propaganda. everyone with a point of veiw uses it. it's a legal way of lieing to make you think the same way as they do.



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Magazines that talk about abortion ?
not that I know of however I would contact my local health department and also contact plan parenthood clinics to get more information on abortion . Good luck.

I was 1 month pregnant then i take cytotec pill for abortion i bleed for a day and i have pains like period pa?
ignore the idiot above you are changing the hormones in your body with taking that pill and it iwll take time for your body to relies what you have done and it will take time for your body to get bak to the way it was

Funny odor had abortion 10 days ago?!!!!?
there is a good chance you may have an infection perhaps you need more antibiotics.and nobody should judge you for having the abortion only u know whats right for you.x

Isn't abstinence easier than the guilt of an abortion?
Actually, only about 85% to 90% of abortions are performed on women who had consensual sex. And at least another 5% are performed because the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother (and incidentally, those statics come from multiple pro-life sites)... and that's not counting non-viable...

Abortion methods?
You could try calling plan parenthood. I'm sure they have information... without having to look at the images.