Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?

Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?

Why all anti abortion pictures misleading?


Because those are the ones that make people emotional, and people don't feel nearly as strongly for something that looks like a fetus than something that looks like a baby.


propaganda. everyone with a point of veiw uses it. it's a legal way of lieing to make you think the same way as they do.



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Are their any SECULAR arguments against abortion? All I ever hear is "God doesnt approve!"?
Most answers you received so far are borderline retarded. Also, the matter of abortion is not as simple as most dim-witted pro-choicers who are only capable of countering idiotic religious arguments that are epistemologically bankrupt make it out to be. The reason why abortion is so controversial...

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Are you the father of this baby? LOL. Your other question say it's your close friend and why this one say your close relative. If you're going to be a troll, at least set your Q&A private.

In South Carolina, does a girl need a parent's permission to have an abortion?
State Abortion Law as of Jan 2010 http://guttmacher.com/statecenter/spibs/... What are my rights to abortion in South Carolina? * If you are under 17 years old and want an abortion, one parent, legal guardian or grandparent must give permission before you can get one. This is called "parental...

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I know what your talking about but idk how to get it

What are the types of abortion pills i can buy?can i buy them over the counter?
You can't buy abortion pills. Do you mean the morning after pill? In which case, that's an over the counter medication but you'll need to take it soon (within 3 days of unprotected sex). If you're going to keep having sex, use another method of birth control AS WELL as a condom.