Who made up the idea that choose = abortion?

Who made up the idea that choose = abortion?

Who made up the idea that choose = abortion?


the people who support abortion made it up to make themselves feel better because what would you rather be called? pro killing unborn babies, or pro choice if you support someones right to choose to have an abortion then you are supporting abortion if you say that just because you are pro choice doesnt mean you are pro abortion if have an example of something for you: if you are for the governments choice to torture people, would you be considered pro choice or more of pro torture, you cant be for the governments right to choose to torture people but not support torture


Pro-choicers are ok with abortion. That's the same as Germans being OK with the Holocaust.


The pro-abortion did because it sounds less reprehensible.


Cons who got mad when their young little snow bunny daughters were getting knocked up by: 1. Black Dudes 2. Hispanic Dudes 3. Any type of brown dude including Filipinos and Sri Lankans 4. Italians


choose isn't abortion. choosing to kill the baby is abortion. that's why we should all be pro life...then innocent lives wouldn't be over before they even have a chance to begin.


Because "Pro-Death" didn't sound good.


right-wing propaganda artists who realy don't want personal responsibility and would rather the government police morals.



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