Who is the 32 week pregnant abortion witch?

Who is the 32 week pregnant abortion witch?

Who is the 32 week pregnant abortion witch?


32 weeks - The fetus sleeps 90-95% of the day, and sometimes experiences REM sleep, an indication of dreaming. Doctors, typically, don't perform abortions at 32 weeks. Just an F.Y.I.


she came on the other night to make people angry. she said she was 32 weeks pregnant and that her baby was going to be born with a cleft lip, a small birth defect that I believe is easily fixed by surgery. she said she would not tolerate any "deformity" no matter how small and planned on getting an abortion at 32 weeks.


thats absoulty wrong. some people are so messed up in the head and that pisses me off. whats wrong with the world these days. thats a baby from the first say it starts to grow but most peopel dont see it that way.. auh and for it to be that far along grow pisses me off more. sorry just my opinion


That's just sick - hope she's just a 'troll' on here. BTW, Canada does NOT allow abortions at "any week" of pregnancy!


i'm not sure. i tried to find her but couldn't. i guess like my husband says, she's a weak human who's bored and she's the devil's spawn who needs to go to hell....anyways, i'm not all sure who she is and i don't think any doctor in their right minds would let her do that. she's sick, and needs help.


Omg god thats sadd



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