Who is abortion more painful for - the woman or the foetus?

Who is abortion more painful for - the woman or the foetus?

Who is abortion more painful for - the woman or the foetus?


Depends on what sort of abortion. As one of the answers above me incorrectly equates all abortion with, late term might feel some pain, but then, if the woman is sedated so is the fetus, so likely the woman who has a better developed brain and a higher tolerance for the sedatives given greater size. For the most part however abortions are preformed when the fetus doesn't yet have the capacity to feel pain at all.


A 2 months old fetus does not have nerve endings or the brain cells necessary to feel pain, so it would be the woman. Especially the emotional pain. Abortion is not an easy way out, or a pleasure trip. It's the last solution.


Abortions aren't usually painful and have a less than 1% rate of complications. Funny how an antiabortionist tries to make women feel guilty and depressed then blames pro-choicers for ignoring emotional pain. I agree, you try to cause pain!


it's more painful to God to see such a sad thing a women could do, with their very own child. At least the baby will be at heaven but would it ever see their mother again. Sadly people in this world are lost and need God's Love in their life. and no it's not about religion it's about a relationship with God. A Spiritually and awesome bond with God!<3 because: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ... And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1


The degree of pain is not the important question. Obviously they both experience pain. A woman's isn't just physical. After an abortion many women experience emotional pain and guilt. Many become depressed especially when the nine month of their would be pregnancy comes on. Pro-abortionist never speak of these facts.


I'm not sure, but here's something to think about. An aspiration abortion takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform, 15 minutes TOPS. Delivering an infant naturally takes an average of 12 hours. Abortions cause at most, 15 minutes of pain (if the fetus can even feel it). Deliveries cause on average, 12 hours of pain. If you want to reduce pain and suffering, abortion is the way to go.


fetus' brain isn't developed enough to have pain enducing nerves so the woman


Its Wrong To Have An Abortion Exodus 20:13 Says Thou Shalt Not Murder.


...the woman..there's always that possibility of guilt and emotional pain that could last for years.



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