Who in the government has power to change abortion laws? (supreme court, congress, president)?

Who in the government has power to change abortion laws? (supreme court, congress, president)?

Who in the government has power to change abortion laws? (supreme court, congress, president)?


State houses make laws regarding abortion, and Congress does, too. Federal law (from Congress) controls certain things, such as what you are allowed to do if you receive federal funds, but the states control whether abortion is a crime. The Supreme Court decides which ones are a violation of the Constitution.


The president has the power to appoint people to the supreme court who he knows will uphold the present abortion laws which allow abortions and this is what Obama and Clinton have done but Congress can pass a new abortion law which makes abortions illegal


Ultimately any issue will go to the supreme court. The supreme court has already ruled on this issue. There may be a lot of right wing posturing, but ultimately, the country does not want to go back to making abortion illegal. It's like medicare and social security, messing with it is political suicide.


Congress makes the laws. Which illustrates the fact that the GOP will continue to use abortion as a wedge issue rather than doing anything to repeal it, especially when they had the White House, House and Senate.



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