Who here listens to abortionist Ray Comfort?

Who here listens to abortionist Ray Comfort?

Who here listens to abortionist Ray Comfort?


I don't know Ray, but I can see how you have twisted things around. It isn't Christians that is going to destroy the earth, It is the un-humane humanity that makes wars along with the religious self-righteous. The Christians will already be Raptured and with Jesus. At the last it will be the judgment of sinful Man Kind.


Actually, the claim is that if we wreck it God will fix it for our grandchildren. So you have made a straw man argument. I agree the whole thing is idiocy, but we have to keep our logic consistent to make sure those who can be reached are.


i can't argue with that logic. the Christians will destroy the Earth waiting for Christ's return. what do they care? they don't have to live here. makes no sense to me, but then again, neither does Christianity.


I'm pro-choice but this bloke sounds very irresponsible.


I'd retake logic 101 Great course too!


Fundie logic ftw, good call mate.


Dude... He just killed some of my brain cells.


Bananaman is my hero.


You should be a top spin!!!



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