Who gonna pay for 1.3 million annual abortions in the us ?

Who gonna pay for 1.3 million annual abortions in the us ?

Who gonna pay for 1.3 million annual abortions in the us ?


The same people who already pay - the person who gets the abortion. Edit: Found it! Here is the full text of the Hyde Amendment, which makes using federal funds for abortion except in very limited cases (the mother's life is in danger) illegal. http://www.nchla.org/datasource/ifactshe... Taxpayers in the US do not pay for abortion. It has been illegal to use tax funds for such purposes for many years now.


You're right, there is a price for the health of women. We should stop funding all abortions and contraceptives and let abortion return to the backstreets where it belongs. Women can then be butchered by back street abortionists and you can feel better about your life.


Taxpayer dollars do NOT pay for abortions. They don't, and they can't. In which case it's none of your business who pays.


Who's going to pay for the massive tax cuts we are giving to the rich?


Yeah... thats a drop in the bucket, but we should rather spend all than money buying friends in Afghanistan!


Women who make the choice.




Me,I'll pay. They cost 0.00000000000000000000000001 dollar each right?


who is going to pay for the medical care of abandoned crack babies?


people of us



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