Which is better/less traumatic, a clinical abortion or taking the abortion pill?

Which is better/less traumatic, a clinical abortion or taking the abortion pill?

Which is better/less traumatic, a clinical abortion or taking the abortion pill?


From my experience speaking with women who have had both... An in-clinic abortion is much shorter and simpler and allows for a range of pain and anxiety medication, and some women feel more comfortable being in a doctor's care for the procedure. Medication abortion is a longer process that involves many hours of intense cramping and bleeding. Some women find this more comfortable because they can go through it in the privacy of their home and with their partners or other supporters. Others find going through the process at home long and stressful. Hope that helps.


Iwas recently reading about this u can check it out at plannedparenthood.com there is a video the pill seems to be better because you can go threw the hard part ofan abortion in the comfort of you own home and if you choose with a friend or family member verses going threw it in the office


I've never had an abortion, but I don't think that one or the other would be less traumatic to experience.


you can't take the pill until you're just as far along as required for surgical. people in this forum are getting the morning after pill confused with the abortion pill. i imagine both are equally as traumatic. for surgical, you spread your legs for someone to jam a tube into your cervix repeatedly, until he is sure your baby is dead and gone. for the pill, you swallow it with the knowledge of what you are doing, and then you experience hours of cramps and heavy bleeding as you deliver the tissue that was your baby. (and if the pill fails, you must have a surgical abortion.)


Neither. The least traumatic method for any woman is to deliver her child and give it up for adoption if she cannot care for it for any reason whatsoever. Clinical abortions have been shown to cause psychological damage to the woman over time. Plus, interrupting the progression of hormones in pregnancy increases your risk of cancer from that point onward through your life. The abortion pill does the same thing...uses chemical hormones to disrupt your hormones. I don't understand why any women would opt for damaging her own mental and physical health just because she doesn't have the desire to raise a child.


i think that the morning after pill would be less traumatic b/c its a bit less personal, you end something before it even gets a chance to live, when having an abortion you already have a living person/baby growing inside of you


neither one! how dare you hun. you have such a beautiful thing inside of you. after just one week of being pregnant the baby already has a base brain and a spinal cord. you made. get it born and put it through adoption or a friend or family member. how would you feel if your mom did that to you. just saying. at 2 weeks a baby has reflexes and can feel pain. just think


I know you did not ask this but I just wanted to put a different View in here. I have a wonderful son that is almost 2 he is the world to me and he was a blessing from God and a wonderful young lady that was able to give me such a wonderful gift with out her I would not have this little angels that is right now running around in his diaper hitting the tv so we can't watch it. I'm so grateful to hear she will never now how wonderful she has made my life. I think that God sends down these little angels to wonderful people like you who can have them for people like me that can not. Please consider adoption it will make someones dream come true and they will forever be grateful to you for blessing them.


the pill i'm not sure why but it seems as though if you dont have to go into a clinic for a procedure, its less of a big deal



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