Which is better a medical or a surgical abortion?

Which is better a medical or a surgical abortion?

Which is better a medical or a surgical abortion?


To b honest i really don't know much about abortions or whats involved in them besides the end outcome which is fairly obvious. BUT<< Take away the abortion side of thing ie. medical, surgical etc and think for a moment. This is a decision that u wont forget, its a decision that if u do it there's no going back. I'm not pro abortion although i believe people have the right to freely choose whats right for them and in certain peoples lives and circumstances i believe it is the right thing to do. On a more personal note i'm adopted, had my mother decided to abort me, i wouldn't b here!! Looking at this decision and how it affects you now is fine but you need to think about how it will affect u in five years time when this baby's due date comes and u wonder if it would have been a boy or girl and how you would be celebrating its birthday on that day. U'll b working all your life, a few months maternity leave isn't gonna kill u and u would probably find it nice to bond with your son during that time off too. This isn't answering your question but i hope it makes u think past the immediate effect a baby would have on u. Best of luck with whatever decision u make and i hope it works out for u :)


I have no idea what horror stories you have heard about surgical abortions but they must be fake. This early it would be a suction abortion so no instruments needed. They will give you something to calm down and it can be a little uncomfortable and it takes about 5-10 minutes. A medical is like a miscarriage and takes place at home with cramps and bleeding the second day when you take the second pill and it lasts for 5-6 hours. This is NOTHING compared to childbirth! I've had a surgical, miscarriages, stillborn and childbirth.


I had a medical abortion 5 years ago when i was 8 weeks and it was the most painful experience of my entire life. i'm not trying to scare you i will just tell you my experience. I went to the doctor they gave me a drink and told me if i wanted to terminate my pregnancy to drink this. after i took home two tablets to insert just like a tampon every couple of hours. the doctor also prescribed Tylenol with codeine. i thought i would handle it without the pain medication. First it started off as period cramps, then it got worse and worse as time passed. 5 hours into it i remember feeling like i was literally going into labor. ive never been in labor but i think i now have an idea. it feel like my stomach was being shredded from the inside out and yes i did have clots come out of me, but not huge. i DO remember getting to a point where i was sitting on my toilet literally pushing out what seemed to be what was left of the placenta. few hours later i was pushing out the fetus. it looked like an egg yolk with a baby in the middle. and after that i was an emotional wreck for the next year. no woman on this earth should see what i saw. it was the most terrifying experience of my life and i will NOT suggest you do the medical procedure. please get it done surgically. its quick and easy.


Sounds like you've done your research already. I have just recently heard of the medical abortion but does not sound very....ummm easy. I had a surgical abortion 11 yrs ago and from what I remember there was slight bleeding afterwards but that was it. Sounds like you've made your decision and have done your research. Good Luck to You.


remember:at least give the baby up for adoption(isn't this child the same as the other one you have :) cause adoption(so life)is better than abortion....then there's also open adoption so you can follow your baby growing up :) but I think they CAN'T force you doing this...!!! keep your babies :) they'll make you happy...when your family will see them,your family will fall in love and help you with them :-) so please the most important thing is:not abort,then I suggest keeping him\her and you see his\her “THANKS”in his\her smile because you didn’t abort him\her despite your difficulties! then adoption is better than abortion that doesn't let the baby live and hurt you too :) say yes to life -) you'll be aware you have done the best choice -)


How many millions of preborn babies have to be killed in the name of women's rights? A good end does not justify the means to that end. Hitler wanted a good economy, but at what cost? War and killing millions of Jews. How can having a good economy justify killing millions of Jews? Likewise, how can killing millions of babies be justified by a woman's right to choose? Do you see the fallacy in that kind of thinking? Women already have rights. Why do millions of human preborn babies need to die for rights they already have? A human is a human because they have the ability to reach their full human potential. Most humans reach their full physical potential around 17 or 18. Before that they are in a developmental stage which starts at conception. And, we know they are human at conception because at that point they have all of the human DNA that they will ever have or need to reach their full potential. There is no place in the developmental stage where you can say that they are not human. Are they any less human at age 2 then they are at age 12? Yes, they grow and change during those periods. They mature and become more intelligent. But, at no point do we look at a 2 year old and say it is not yet human because it has not yet fully reached its potential. No, we say it is human because it has the DNA of humans but just as important because it is on its way to reaching its full potential as a human being. But, this is exactly what pro-abortion people contradict when they say that a preborn baby is not a human being. They contradict the principle of what a human being is based on its DNA or genetics and its potential to grow to a fully formed human being. And since a preborn is a human being that means it has all of the inalienable rights that all human beings have. And, these inalienable rights were not given to us by the government, nor can the government take them away. They are our rights simply for being human, for having the genetics, the DNA of human. And, no one can take away our right to live or to reach our full potential as a human being, no matter what stage of development we may be in. Pro-abortionists take away a human's life at its most vulnerable stage, when it can not defend itself. It has no voice to cry out with. It can not raise a hand to object. And, they do this grave evil, this grave injustice in the name of women's rights. I ask you what kind of woman would want to kill defenseless humans in the name of their rights?


Please please do not take this as me being judgmental I know tone is really hard to convey in type. I am being honest and I DO support your right to chose. From my own personal experience. If something were to happen where you were unable to conceive when you wanted to after this related or not to the abortion you WILL blame yourself. In 2005 I was seeing someone after my divorce. We were careful but I still got pregnant. I wasn't expecting to be pregnant and it never crossed my mind that I could get pregnant. I was taking prescribed and over the counter meds for an ongoing illness. Plus I drank. When I found out I was pregnant it was too late. My baby wasn't growing so I was given a medical abortion. I didn't want the baby anyway but I cried for a week. In 2008 I finally married someone who loved me right. In 2009 we started trying to have a baby. In 2011 I lost 2 babies (this after finding out I needed fertility meds). Even though the abortion had NOTHING to do with these problems I cried. I went through depression, and whole heartedly believed I was being punished for killing my other baby. I was on the verge of giving up hope figuring I would never be allowed to have another baby because of what I had done when I ended up pregnant. I know now from research my problems stemmed from a birth control I had used in 2006. If you event think this could happen to you I wouldn't suggest it. If you can't raise the baby yourself there is the option of adoption. You can pick the family and have visitation if you like. If you have considered everything carefully and feel adoption is right for you get into therapy with a good therapist and make sure you can go back if you need to. You did the right thing by talking to a counselor already but it sounds like they sucked. You can't really trust what you find online because the anti-abortionists put up false information and false stories to scare you out of it. Medical abortion is BEST for preserving your fertility because your body basically just miscarries. It does help if you know what to expect so here is some advice from my experience. It may be done a little different now but when I went through it they give you a pill at the clinic. You have to take it infront of a staff member. They then give you pills to take at home the next day. They go in your vagina. MAKE SURE they give you something for nausea and something strong for pain. Make sure you have someone to stay with you while you go through this you are going to experience early stage labor. The next day you put the pills in your vagina while in bed and if I remember right you have to stay on your back for half an hour until they are absorbed. The bleeding starts once the meds are absorbed so be prepared with extra heavy flow pads (no tampons allowed) you may even want adult diapers. The bleeding gets quite heavy but don't let it scare you. Soon after the bleeding starts you will start to cramp and that turns into contractions. The contractions get quite painful and make you nauseous (hence the meds I suggested you ask for). Have ice chips handy it will be the only thing you can eat. You won't even be able to sip water without gagging. It gets hard to walk so stay in bed or on the couch only getting up for the bathroom. You will start passing clots the size of lemons. WHATEVER HAPPENS DO NOT LOOK AT THE CLOTS!!! One of them will be the baby and you won't be able to handle that. It can take up to 8 hours to pass the baby (I believe) mine passed within 3 hours. Once the baby is passed the contractions ease up and the nausea and pain go away. The heavy bleeding continues for the better part of a week then slows down. Total bleeding time can be as long as 2 weeks and you can't use tampons until your next regular cycle. Taking birth control right after the medical abortion will shorten your bleed time. It is a rough day but it is only ONE day. Surgical abortion is much quicker and sometimes there is little to no bleeding after. It is same day surgery and you can be sedated during so you don't know what is going on but the risks to your fertility are much higher. They scrap your uterine lining out and this can cause scarring that can make it difficult to conceive. This is a rare complication but if you don't have to take that risk why do it. I hope you find this helpful and non offensive. I am sorry you are going through this situation and wish you all the best. Just because someone would choose differently than you it doesn't mean they have a right to judge you or bash you but do be prepared there are tons of anti-abortionists on here. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery at least emotionally.


Abortion is very selfish. Taking away someone's life that baby inside of you has a heartbeat and is a living human being the minute of conception. How could you live with yourself?!


Abortions are wrong in my eyes. Good luck with your choice.



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