Where in the bible does it say abortion is wrong?

Where in the bible does it say abortion is wrong?

Where in the bible does it say abortion is wrong?


It isn't mentioned in the Bible, but the principles are that murder is a totally unacceptable means of settling problems. It should be settled by the law but the law is lacking when it comes to unborn children. In Texas there is nothing to stop one from having an abortion in the second trimester. I think it is at the least very inhumane.


That's interesting, because abortion was well known in the time the Bible was written. They didn't mention it, which means it wasn't an issue.


"Thou shalt not kill" But to kill something you have to define it as life. And the question is, where do we start? Would masterbation be killing since the sperms you eject could be babies? Determining when life starts is what makes the abortion debate such a difficult one.


Read exodus 21:22


i dont care if its in the bible, i don't need a god to tell me your a dumb@ss if you kill your child.


the 10 commandants, though shalt not kill. read it. you'll discover great things.


It doesn't address the issue at all.


How about, "Thou shall not kill"?



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