Where In NYC can I get an abortion?

Where In NYC can I get an abortion?

Where In NYC can I get an abortion?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Where In NYC can I get an abortion? I want to get an abortion...I am 17. If you don't have anything helpful or nice to say...just don't waste you're time answering this question. If you have gone through this yourself..How was it like? & What are some things that I should bring? Sooo.. Where in NYC can I get an abortion for...


Here's a list of places in NYC so you can find the one that's closer to you. Planned Parenthood of New York City - Bleecker Street www.plannedparenthood.org - (212) 965-7000 Eastside Gynecology www.eastsidegynecology.com - (212) 308-4988 Manhattan Women's Medical www.manhattanwomensmedical.com - (212) 473-6500 All Women's Health & Medical Services PC: Manhattan wswmp.com - (212) 333-5000 A Women's Medical PC nyabortion.com - (212) 650-9191 Kips Bay Gynecology LLC www.kipsbaygyn.com - (212) 545-5400 Empire Women's Care (212) 714-0014


One week ago, you were 2 months and 2 weeks pregnant and your boyfriend want you to get an abortion but you don't want too. 5 days ago, you said you were 6 weeks pregnant and feel sick. What exactly are you? There's no free abortion. You can go to planned parenthood for a low cost but it's not free. Since your mom is really supportive, why ask her for help? If you don't want any rude answer, don't post abortions question in this section. Most women on here are pregnant and want their babies.


Planned Parenthood can get you one at a price that is reasonable for your income (sometimes free). Its good to know there are some SMART people out there who are decisive about abortion and don't perpetuate the cycle of poverty -)


It's called google or a phone book! Although you weren't smart enought to protect your self so your probably not smart enough look things up in the phone book. When we found out we were pregnant we didn't look up the nearest abortion clinic we called out doctor! If you want useful answer don't come in a PREGNANCY blog...Your just stupid


planne parenthood do ya thing girl...im goin tomorrow so call the 1800 230 plan good luck dont bring nothing n tell them u have no insurance u will get it for free... u dont feel nothing they knock u out n by the time u wake up someone has juice n crackers for u and in a instant u are out n back to normal good luck gurl i gotcha back


no where. why would you post this in THE PREGNANCY SECTION?!?! seriously, you need to think about what you are doing. there are do many people out there dying to have children and you are going to kill one because you dont know how to use birthcontrol. Dont you know the consequences of Sex? I had a baby at 17 and he means the world to me. I wouldnt give him up for anything. I know its hard but you need to think really hard about what your doing..


where in new york can you kill your baby?? hmmm, y dont u not use abortion as birth control and keep your legs closed. so many baby's are just killed by their own mothers every day. it disgusts me to no end. im 18 and im 7 months pregnant. u can do it, ur just selfish and immature.


you people are sick! Ya do ya thang girl! Kill your own child that your shelfishly created. Hope you can live with that for the rest of your life



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