Where can u go to get an abortion?

Where can u go to get an abortion?

Where can u go to get an abortion?


go to your local planned parenthood and get the information you need to make an informed decision. abortions are legal up to 20-24 weeks last i heard. just make sure this is YOUR decision and yours only. oh and don't listen to the lies some of these anti-choicers are spewing. the primitive heart tube starts beating at 4 weeks, not 24 hours after conception. abortions will not cause infertility, for they are done in safe environments by licensed professionals.


It's funny that you ask a question and people will lecture and judge you so badly. I personally would not get an abortion but it is completely up to you and you know whether or not your ready for a baby. Planned parenthood or even your doctor should be able to give you all the information you need. Good luck and I hope everything works out the best for you.


I was in just like you about a year and a half ago, but I have a really good friend who talked me out of it and I am SOOOOOOOO Glad she did!!!!! I dont know what I would do without my daughter!! A baby will most likely make/ help you to grow up fast!! If the father wants you to get an abortion, dont listen to anything he is saying right now. Have your baby and take him to court for child support!! The court always--in most cases---is on the mothers side. I strongly suggest you rethink ending your pregnancy. You also the option to put the baby up and give it to a nice family who cant have children but want them. I know two ladies that want children sooo bad and cant have them.. Its a blessing to be able to even get preggers!! I hope you just take some time and think about this. How old are you??


markieshoney - That is a flat out lie- you should be ashamed of yourself! To answer your question- you can absolutely still have an abortion. Give a call to your local Planned Parenthood, 1-800-230-PLAN. They will be able to help you - at eight weeks you should still be able to opt for the pill. And despite the lies you are being told- there is no real danger associated with any of the procedures. Do not feel ashamed - it's your right, and it is a moral choice to make. People who shout no don't care about anyone but themselves. Good luck!


It depends on where you live, contact a planned parent hood. Yes you can have an abortion at 8 weeks.


So many couples out there who want to have children and can't. God was gracious enough to grant you the right to be able to have one. Then you think of something like this. Abortion is not only stupid, but dangerous. It can result in damage to the uterus and maybe even infertility. When you want to have a child, you won't be able to. Think before you act. Every action has a reaction. Every choice has a consequence. EDIT: WickedAngelBrokenWings said that abortion is safe. Don't believe her. Even if it is done in a sanitized professional manner, it can cause damage to your body. She emailed me saying how I'm a liar and stuff. WRONG!!! Everything I said is true. Not only can it cause physical complications, but emotional ones, too. Please be careful in you decision. I won't call you out if you get one, but I really hope you'll be very considerate towards others and let some couple out there have a child. You can even pick out who you want to take. I'm Pro-Life, but It's Your Choice.


People should take the responsibility of what they ve done first. To me I object the abortion. misery will come out from your eyes 10 mins after abortion. In plus, the first baby will be the smartest in all of your childs. do plz consider for yourself and your forthcoming babee.


ok, some people here thought you asked them to LECTURE you on getting an abortion. Yes, you can still get one, up to 12 weeks in most states at a Planned Parenthood or Family Planning clinic. You're probably too far along to get the abortion pill, but you can still have the medical procedure done. There should be a website for one in your area.


why would you want to get an abortion? 24 hours after you got pregnant, there is a little heart beat. if you dont want the baby, carry it through and then give it up for adoption. there are alot of women that cant have babies. there is a little person in there, let it live if not with you then with a nice family that wants a baby to give a good life too!



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