Where can i get the abortion pill in Jamaica?

Where can i get the abortion pill in Jamaica?

Where can i get the abortion pill in Jamaica?


You can not get an abortion in Jamaica since it's illegal. Avoid the black market because you never know what they give you. If you are past 9 weeks you need a surgical abortion. If you are below 9 weeks you can go to http://www.womenonwaves.org/ and order the medicine with instructions. You can also go to http://www.womenonweb.org/ where you can see a doctor online and answer his questions and he will send you the medication. They also follow up on how you feel afterwards to make sure everything worked. These are 2 safe sites and the WHO approves of them so they are legit. Good luck! @Christina - you think of he morning after pill. The abortion pill is never over the counter. MAP prevents pregnancy, it does not abort.


At a Pharmacy--Over the Counter. Before going call and ask.



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