Where can I get a low cost abortion?

Where can I get a low cost abortion?

Where can I get a low cost abortion?


The answer is there is no low cost. It will cost the irreplaceable life of a baby. Studies have come out recently that indicates a baby fetus is capable of feeling pain. The procedure involves using a sucktion method that may not suck it all out at once. That means the baby will experience a brutal death having his/her limbs pulled away from its body and what is left of them left to sit at the bottom of a bin in uncomprehensable pain as bleeds to death. It may cost you long term suffering from the aftermath of the abortion. If you some day decide to have more children the odds of keeping them full term greatly diminishes so that will mean experiencing both the physical and psychological pain that goes with that. To make things worse when you go in you will be given a drug that will send you into labor. That means you will experience all the pain that comes with giving birth. Your natural instincts will be to see the baby and to hear it cry but the baby will be dead or dying by the time it is all over. There will be no comforting or smiles. Just an empty room to get dressed in with the sensation that you are missing something. You body was designed to cary a child not have if forced out of you. So no the is no cheap expense for abortion. Do the right thing and keep the baby. You can't afford this kind of price. Not your baby not anyone....


Call a planned parenthood or an abortion clinic. Many of them give you payment options. You wouldn't have to pay everything up front.


I saw on the news that you can order some abortion pills on the internet for a few $/?.



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