Where can i buy Mifeprex (early abortion pill)?

Where can i buy Mifeprex (early abortion pill)?

Where can i buy Mifeprex (early abortion pill)?


You will not be able to buy it in the UK, the only one for sale is the so-called 'morning after pill' which is available from chemists, but if you are already pregnant then that won't work. Shows why follwoing the law and registering with the Home Office is important.


Im sorry you have decided you want an abortion, But if its what you want, you will have to find the money, At least go through the correct procedure, Is it why you came to the U.k to get all the abortion done on N.H.S? You want to get yourself on contraception, and NEVER get into this mess again. Think of all the peaple who want kids and cannot have them.......


so sorry that you have found yourself in this mess. i don't think you can buy it in this country yet. there are other alternatives such as have it then give away . but i think that would Be very hard to do . what ever you decide to do good luck and all the best for the future :( xxxxx


abortion pill??? try the hardwood store, starting with a rope and hang there until found...(just Joking) GIRL, theres too much out there to prevent you from getting pregnant....UNLESS you was raped or the fetus or yourself was in danger!!


Please don't. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Please.



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