What's the stance on abortion in Judaism?

What's the stance on abortion in Judaism?

What's the stance on abortion in Judaism?


the hypothetical you suggest would be against jewish law. The Jewish Bible doesn't address it directly but does present varying views that relate to abortion -- for example it is clear that a fetus has value but is not the same as a human. In suspected adultery of a pregnant wife, it even says that the woman should be required to undergo a ritual that could cause an abortion if she had in fact been guilty of adultery - which shows that abortion can in some circumstances be consistent with the will of God. So the bible itself can be used to argue either side. Rabbinic interpretation of the Jewish Bible forbids abortion for convenience- allows it to save the life of a mother- and would likely allow it in matters of rape. In general it allows for abortion within 40 days if the birth would cause "tragedy" - which some rabbis would say includes even the birth of a child conceived in adultery. But it would be a case by case determination. A deformed child is itself not a "tragedy", but many rabbis would permit abortion in circumstances where you knew for certain that the born baby would suffer horribly and then die. That would be a "tragedy" etc.


Orthodox Judaism is generally against it but most Jews think abortion should be legal. Every woman's case is unique and special, and the parameters determining the permissibility of abortion within halacha are subtle and complex. It is crucial to remember that when faced with an actual patient, a competent halachic authority must be consulted in every case. The traditional Jewish view does not fit conveniently into the major "camps" in the current debate. http://www.aish.com/ci/sam/48954946.html


One guy referenced "most Jews". I don't think most Jews in America don't follow Judaism, but are secular. If I am correct then what most Jews think would not have any bearing on what Judaism teaches. Abortion is killing your precious little baby. No woman ever held her precious newborn and regretted not killing it. Read some stories of women who have done this and regretted it for life. http://www.abort73.com/testimony/1442/ http://abortionrisks.info Praying for you and your baby. God has a plan for the life of your baby and for your life. He has given you this baby for a reason. His plans always work out for us better than our own. He knows us better than we know ourselves.


Most Orthodox Jews strictly adhere to the rule that one can not take a life to save a life, but other sects of Judaism feel differently.



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