Whats the religious stance on abortion doctors?

Whats the religious stance on abortion doctors?

Whats the religious stance on abortion doctors?


If the Dr believes that what he is doing is right and does not know God, then he will not be held accountable but as it is highly unlikely that he is not aware that it is wrong he will need to answer to God one day. It is the mission of the Christians to spread the Word, to make the knowledge of Jesus known throughout the whole world so that people can no longer say "I didn't know".


Religious people will protest against abortion but, the one hundred million killed in the name of God is not to be spoken of. If there are intelligent civilizations on other planets, they're going to think that we're nuts.


Acutally brtual muderers. They don't even value the lilfe. They go against God's creation and challeinging him. Is he worthy to take a life? He takes over God's authority and make the Curse of the souls fall on him. He can't have peace and happiness in life.....


If he is not a Christian and continues that practice then I would say no, and he will give an account for every child he has murdered. If he really was a Christian God would be on his mind about this anyway for him to stop.


No Heaven No Hell. Noone truely knows what happens until they are there, dead. I would like to beleive we can watch our family when we go but that is something i would like?! But doubt it Who knows


I am a Christian, pro-choice, and I think they go to Heaven if they are Christian. They help women who need it. Long ago, "quacks' did abortions, and women died.


Jewsh. Look at most of their last names.


Doctors probably had enough school.


There is no heaven so the question is irrelevant



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