What would it take to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

What would it take to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

What would it take to overturn Roe vs. Wade?


I'm pro choice I think it would be extremely hard to over turn Roe V Wade First the next president would have to appoint some more conservatives on the Supreme Court when and if one or 2 judges step down Than a case is going to have to come up to challenge R v W go all through the state courts and have all those state courts agreeing about the reversal of the decision R v W Than after that it would have to land on the Supreme Court which decides if Roe Vs Wade should be overturned. So there would be a lot of factors in determining if R v W was going to be overturned


Any court case involving a baby earlier than the third trimester could overturn Roe V Wade and return it to the states where it constitutionally belongs. A good example might be a Father suing for his right to custody of a child before it's third trimester. Abortion is no more acceptable than walking into a nursing home and killing all of the residents because they are inconvenient. Would we ever allow a person to walk in and put a bullet into the head of Grandma because she was a burden? In the real world, that is far more compassionate than tearing a baby out limb by limb or shoving scissors into it's brain. The first step to ending this debate is the application of truth. It's not a "procedure", it's an execution in a most horrific and painful application. ADDITION: Certainly. All that is required is for legislators to honor a Fathers natural right to (dual) custody of an unborn child being that there is no scientific evidence of a point where life begins. Neither theologians or scientists can prove when life begins definitively. All that is needed is for someone to sue. No definitive proof could be presented in either direction so our right to life would have to begin at conception by default. Another addition: Roe V Wade was decide after the baby was born. You wouldn't have to prove perternity if the mother testified to the fact that she wasn't promicuouse or if legislators passed a law stating that both a father and mother had to approve an abortion thereby requiring a DNA test.


In the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey dissent, 4 of the 9 justices on the Supreme Court opined that the Court should reconsider Roe v. Wade and overrule it. The demographics of the Court have shifted slightly since then, with the vote remaining a likely 4-4 with a swing vote. Far from being impossible to overturn, Roe v. Wade's continued force could be decided based on the next Supreme Court nomination.


Roe v Wade is a touchy subject. Overturning it would be a huge ordeal, and any politician would risk career to change it. The evidence needed is already available, just being ignored. A court case would have to prove that a baby in the womb is a human being at conception, and that an abortion is the same act of killing as it would be for someone outside the womb. Funny, Jane Roe was an alias, and the actual person, Norma McCorvey, never intended abortion to be a means of birth control. She is now fighting to preserve the right to life and has recanted her support of abortion. She says she gets upset when women come up to her and thank her for pioneering efforts. They tell her that because of her, they have been able to have 5 or 6 abortions. I think anyone considering abortion should watch how it's done first. The procedure is horrifying!


Roe v Wade could easily be overturned, especially if McCain becomes president and appoints one or more supreme court justices. All Bush's appointees were appointed for the sole purpose of overturning Roe v Wade and they WILL if the right case comes before them, no matter how long it's been in place. Once over turned it will be up to each state to make laws allowing or outlawing abortion. New prisons will probably have to be built to hold women who get illegal abortions, some with death rows for executions.


It would take 5 justices on the supreme court to declare it overturned. There are probably 2-3 on the court right now that would overturn it. So if a few of the pro-choice justices retire and get replaced, and someone brought a case, it would probably get overturned.


Humanity has no right to tamper with Our Heavenly Father's creation! A child " IS " in the womb, It is very sacred and should be left alone to grow. A Child is a Gift - Not a burden! It's a child not a choice. If Women can't accept the responsibility for there actions, So they say " All due to peer pressure from their friends" is nothing but an excuse. Why should murders be behind bars, And Abortionist's be allowed to continue to murder innocent lives, and never go to prison themselves? Who gave you the right to be born? Who allowed you to have a life? Who are you to judge weather our future brothers and sister's should live or die? If a woman is healthy enough, she should allow the child to be born. If your terminally ill and the doctor's tell you not to allow the baby to be born and to save your life - Well, You would be a sorry excuse to be even considered being called human yourself not to mention quite selfish. Sure, you can blame it on us men ( in the case of being raped), Granted, but still - You shouldn't take your anger over an innocent life form, if you don't want it, give it up for adoption. Or putting it mildly - Don't have sex. And "Yes", I am pro life.


The only thing that would overturn Roe vs. Wade would be God Almighty Himself descending from Heaven. You might as well wish for the repeal of the right to bear arms.


I believe what could very possibly overturn Roe v Wade would be for EVERY American to see an expose on Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) to see what the roots of the abortion movement are and where it came from. I am not pro-choice. Abortion is premeditated murder.



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