What would happen worldwide if abortion was to be put to a stop.?

What would happen worldwide if abortion was to be put to a stop.?

What would happen worldwide if abortion was to be put to a stop.?


If abortions were illegal many women would have home abortions in which case there would be alot more women hospitalised due to infection and all kinds of problems from the procedure not being performed properly. Some women and or babies may die during the birth if they were not allowed abortions because some women need to have one because of seriouse medical reasons. There would be alot more babies with disabilities and seriouse deformities in the world if abortions were illegal. But at the same time there would be just as many if not more healthy babies born each year because they would not be able to use it as a form of birth control!


If abortion were to stop, we would be back in the 40s with orphanages filled with unwanted children. A lot of women would die or be permanently injured from backstreet, illegal abortions. A lot more women and children would be in abject poverty, just like they are in S. and C. America now. There would be more cases of infanticide. Now, on the other hand, if there were better birth control and birth control for men, then this backlash wouldn't occur. I fully support improvements and options for better birth control, but until you start getting the men either temporarily sterilized or keeping their pants zipped, I don't see how this will ever happen. Finally, keep in mind that abortion is used also because of fetus' with serious medical problems as well as moms with health problems. Banning abortion would also ban helping a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, or failing kidneys. It would force a woman to continue a pregnancy where the baby would have a poor outcome such as Trisomy 18. It would also force a woman who had been raped to carry the rapist's child.


then innocent unborn babies who have the same right to live as anybody else, will live and will be able to expirience God's love on Earth, instead of evil peoples hate that want the babies to be killed such as: planned parenthood, the guttmacher institute, abortion clinics, etc.


Sometimes abortions are performed for medical reasons.. I know someone that if she wouldnt have had an abortion she would have died.


More women doing home abortions - resulting in more deaths from infections. And lots more dead babys found in the trash.


What ever happened to doing your own homework??



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